Delivery Worker Injured in Collision with Police Car

A delivery worker for a local food establishment was injured Wednesday evening after being struck by an unmarked NYPD police car. He was thrown from his electric bike after witnesses said that he weaved out from between moving cars.

The collision occurred at around 8:30pm on Empire Boulevard near Albany Avenue on the ‘zebra’ lines that divides the roadway. An unmarked police car that was traveling on the ‘zebra’ lines struck the cyclist after he darted out from between moving cars.

Police sources said that the officers in the unmarked cruiser were in the middle of ‘police business’ – likely related to the nights Lag BaOmer celebrations – but were not responding to an emergency.

The biker was knocked off his bike and suffered some scrapes and bruises but was thankfully not seriously hurt. He was treated on scene by FDNY EMT’s.

The officers in the cruiser did not suffer any injuries.

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  • namesssss

    Wondering what happens when they realize he’s probably not legally working, doesn’t have papers to be in the USA and doesn’t have health insurance.

    • scared

      I was nearly run over by one of these things while walking in the crosswalk. He didn’t want to stop at a stop sign.
      I can’t remember being so scared.

    • Mendel Fitzhume

      It’s simple, being here illegally is not treated like a crime. Democrats want illegals here because they pander to bleeding hearts and Republicans want them here because the republican elected officials are owned by Wall St. and corporate America. They make more money using cheap (illegal labor). The hospital bill is taken care of by the members of middle class who pay the bulk of the taxes.

  • I almost hit a delivery boy too

    He was going the wrong way down the street and as I went around a double parked car he appeared out of nowhere. It’s actually illegal for them to drive like that

  • police

    so because they are police does that mean that they can do whatever they want and drive on the zebra lines, when we are not allowed to do that, only they can ??

    • thinking the same

      Police drive recklessly, in cars with broken lights, Not taking away from the delivery guy’s stupidity, but cops should be setting examples. Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

  • both wrong

    the police definitely get away with careless driving or speeding, but these delivery guys are impossible. They make it very dangerous to drive or walk, because they dont adhere to ANY rules, dart in and out of places, speed, and dont even pay attention to lights. I have seen them do very dangerous things, and if hit, the driver will be at fault (unless your a cop)

  • Yossel

    I know these bikes I have one the problem is there’s no one qualified to Serve as them as they’re usually not maintained properly the brakes don’t work right or the blinkers don’t work right etc. there needs to be close by a mechanic who knows how to fix them otherwise they are dangerous they can’t stop and they can function properly

  • Ch resident

    There is a very big problem in our community of one way streets. My son and I were walking on Kingston and came to union st. We waited by the corner for the light to change so we can cross. We took one step into the street and a delivery bike came barreling out the wrong way. Had we not literally jumped back we would have been the ones knocked down.
    A perso who saw this says it happens every day.
    We need to confiscate each bike when they are caught. This will ensure that everyone would be safe.
    Remember vision zero is what the mayor wants.

  • Be Careful!!

    Emergency vehicles are extremely dangerous especially when their on call!! One is not 100% sure which way the vehicle is going. The worst is when the vehicle goes through a red light and it’s walk for pedestrians…

  • curious

    What store was he working for? Because they should be more on top of their workers safety!