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Mother and Baby Struck by an SUV on Kingston

A woman pushing a stroller with her infant child was struck by an SUV on Kingston Avenue. Despite being knocked to the ground, the mother and child miraculously did not suffer any serious injuries, boruch hashem.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Empire Boulevard and Kingston Avenue at around 6:50pm. The Volvo SUV, driven by a Jewish woman, was making a left hand turn from Empire onto Kingston when she struck the mother and child.

The driver of the SUV told that the woman was not in the crosswalk and that she immediately called Hatzalah after the crash.

Dozens of emergency responders arrived on at the scene within moments and gave aid to the two victims, later taken them to the hospital for further checkups and observation.

Hatzalah is hosting is annual fundraising event, support Hatzalah and enter for a chance to win $18,000, as well as support the vital work Hatzalah does.


  • 1. Drivers - please read wrote:

    When turning into a street, please do NOT turn if there is anyone standing in the intersection. Wait until they completely cross before turning. This happens to be the law.

    Sometimes, cars waiting behind you to turn get impatient and start beeping you to make the turn already, but they can’t see the people in the intersection. Don’t go any faster or attempt to make the turn quicker (or “beat” the person who just entered the crosswalk) just because of the beeping. Make the impatient maniacs WAIT until you can safely turn.

    Also, always SLOW DOWN before turning. There are people who zoom down a street and then, while still moving at 30mph make a fast, sharp turn. This does not allow you to see whether someone is standing in the crosswalk, especially at night, and especially at the corner of Empire and Troy.

    • 2. Yes wrote:

      Too many accidents on Empire. DRIVERS – drive slowly (isn’t there a 25 mph limit now???) PEDESTRIANS must wear light clothing at night. CYCLISTS – you need working lights!

  • 3. crossing wrote:

    The drivers are not always to blame. Crossing in the correct place where drivers expect you is safer than trying to go between parked cars, especially when close to the intersection. The closer to the corner means less time to notice you and stop.

  • 4. Children that ride bikes wrote:

    No to hijack this post but this should also be emphasized by the parents, to children that ride bikes. That they should make sure to get off the bike and then cross the road.

  • 5. mothers wrote:

    mothers please dont cross a street while on your cell phone! i see it all the time. it is too dangerous

  • 6. Not surprised wrote:

    I am a pedestrian and I always cross in the crosswalk and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cut off or almost knocked over my turning cars. Drivers – pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way!

  • 7. Fun Fact: wrote:

    Microsoft once sued a student named Mike Rowe for creating the domain


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