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Cyclist Struck and Seriously Injured

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — A teenage cyclist was struck by a car and seriously injured Wednesday evening. The incident took place on Brooklyn Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Union Street, where a young black teen was hit by an SUV and was knocked unconscious.

A Shomrim member who happened to walk by, witnessed the accident and sprung into action calling for police and EMS, other Shomrim volunteers joined in a gave first aid until EMT’s arrived and took over.

Among the bystanders was Assemblyman Karim Camara who happened to pass by the scene commended, and praised Shomrim from being on the lookout, and jumping to help regardless of race.

The victim was transported in serious condition to a local hospital.


  • 2. a proud friend wrote:

    So proud to know you levi, you’re always there to help. Thank you!

  • 6. Cynical wrote:

    And if the driver had been white they would have rushed to make another riot as an excuse to do more violence and destruction.

  • 7. What kind of comment is that? wrote:

    Why didn’t he just say ‘thank you’? Why does he say “helped regardless of race”? As if Jews usually don’t help regardless of anything. On the whole, Jews ALWAYS help when they can ‘regardless of race’ and even to our detriment. I think its pretty well known that such serious ‘race issues’ here don’t come from the JEWS side.

  • 9. Steven wrote:

    thats why i dont bike!

    and for mr bloomberg we need more driving lanes not bike lanes the winter is coming and there will be more cars out

  • 10. end the insanity now! wrote:

    what about repealing the insane law of riding on the street which has gotten more people killed than if cyclists could ride on sidewalks

  • 11. The after-event wittness wrote:

    TO BG,
    He must have had one, because I walked by after the accident. His shoes, helmet, parts of the motorcycle… was all over on the street! It was a bad accident!

  • 12. After-event wittness wrote:

    Sorry, there was another major accident today, wasn’t this one. The one I saw was a motorcycle on Empire blvd.

  • 14. A driver wrote:

    A general comments since I don’t know the circumstances of this accident: Bicyclists are supposed to obey rules of the road but they don’t, and they don’t stay in bike lanes. There should be licenses and ID required for biking in the streets and yes, tickets — maybe then these road=hogging cyclists will watch out for their own skins. And removing miles and miles of car lanes is insane.

  • 15. crown heights wrote:

    There was another moter bike accedent on Empire and new youk to # 11 that right i also saw the helmet and bike oh boy did they block off traffic

  • 16. what-s he thinking? wrote:

    Who does he think we are by saying “regardless of race” is he saying that a Jewish EMT wouldn’t help someone of a different race? Insulting.

  • 17. im sorry wrote:

    american driving stinks! its not just the cycalists- but its also the riders.
    get and english liscence or somthing like that and i want to c u try to have an accident- u could… know why? BECAUSE THEY TERACH U HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 18. Bochur from CH wrote:

    To #17:
    You may know how to drive, but your spelling is shameful and your grammar is horrific.


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