RebbeDrive: Yechidus Klolis for Barei Mitzvah

RebbeDrive released new footage of a Yechidus Klolis for Barei Mitzvah which took place in the upstairs Zal of 770. The Yechidus took place on Yud Zayin Adar, 5743.

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  • 1. Ch’er wrote:

    So interesting the characteristics of how the Rebbe handles the papers rubber bands dollars etc. so unassuming un-intimidating so special.

    Reminds me of the Story of the Alte Rebbe told by the Rebbe himself. The Alte Rebbe used the cover of the Sh’mek Tabak case as a mirror for the Tefillin. How he took the pin off from the cover ever so delicately. And not broke it off. Even though the case wasn’t needed. Nevertheless the Alte Rebbe was delicate with even the minutest detail even begashmiyus


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