JLI: Timely Moments-Redefining Circumstance

JLI Timely Moments released a video telling the story of a meeting with the Rebbe, that changed a Cambridge student’s life.

Dedicated in loving memory of
Rabbi Yitzchok Rabinowitz
הרה”ח ר’ יצחק ירמיהו ב”ר משה ליפא ע”ה
President of the Schottenstein Chabad House at OSU

Kislev 22, 5779
כ”ב כסלו התשע”ט

May the merit of his tireless work on behalf of his fellow Jews
accompany his soul in the world of everlasting life
and be a source of blessings to his family
with much health, happiness, nachas, and success.

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