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Video: Chasidic Kids Steal Israeli Flag

A group of Chasidic children tore down and stole an Israeli flag that was flying in front of a home in upstate New York. Israelis and many Jews around the world marked the Israeli Independence Day yesterday on Thursday, May 11.


  • 1. Sickening wrote:

    This reminds me of the video of the kids burning the bus…. the way they run off …. they know they are doing something bad. What are this chassidish kids being taught about Israel that they act this way??

  • 5. Lock them up wrote:

    This is what they are taught. No regard for a fellow Jew. That’s why they are able to cut off another Jew’s beard.

  • 6. Ben wrote:

    I guess stealing is better than celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut (or just ignoring it and letting people celebrate how they choose. Losers.

  • 7. 2 comment #1 wrote:

    These kids must be Satmar, the article says it happened in upstate NY, but it doesn’t say where, it’s possible that this is Monsey, bec in Kiryas Yoel u won’t find an isreali flag hanging. In Satmar they r taught 2 hate the state of isreal, based on the teachings & writings of the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel, who wrote a whole sefer proving from Gemara, Reshonim & Achronim y we r not allowed 2 have a state during the time of exile. In Satmar they r taught in 2 hate the Zionist state & the Isreali government. But I still would like 2 know where in upstate it was. Also today Friday May 13th is the real independence day bec in Hebrew calendar today is the 5th of Iyar & that is when the state of isreal was established.

    • 9. Steven wrote:

      You can call anything bad Loshon Hora – a perfect way to sweep it under the carpet and let it happen again and again.

  • 11. Disgusting, and truly wrote:

    exemplifies what they are being taught at home and in school. The normal Orthodox world, should call them out on these actions.

  • 15. Markowitz wrote:

    Maybe a love crime they loved flag and wanted it for themselves

  • 16. #12 and others wrote:

    It’s the ADULTS (or older boys?) inciting them – what kind of lesson is this to kids?

    What happened to the lessons from sefirah of understanding other people’ points of view?

    Re KJ they are a walking chillul hashem. Google it.

  • 19. For anyone agreeing with this... wrote:

    This is NOT the Chabad way at all!


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