Mizrachi: Day of Judgment Awaits for Chabadnikim

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, a lecturer who recently stirred controversy by claiming that only one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, had some unkind words to say about the Chabad movement when questioned about it during a recent lecture.


    • יוסי

      I wonder why these videos are cut so short…
      He didn’t say all chabadnics go to hell.
      As Jews we have to keep the Torah cannot let someone feel good about their actions if they are against the Torah. and yes if you don’t rebuke someone just because he gives money to your organization so your actions are against the Torah.

    • 48 yr in the hood

      this guy is looking for attionion
      every day he will pick on a
      another group ,
      watch him

  • Shliach

    Why are you giving this idiot the time of day?!?! The more hits on his channel, the more attention he gets and probably the more money he gets.

    • yup

      I was thinking that something like this is not worth our time or energy to take seriously- much like a buzzing fly.

  • Pedant

    This is a terrible precedent.

    What *is* the world coming to?

    A rabbi says mean things about Chabad?


  • Hmm

    I hate Mizrahi and much as anyone, but I’ll be honest. I agree with him on this. I think the community has become very money-hungry and very, very selfish. A jew is a Jew. BS. So, mesirah applies to a jew even though he’s a serial child rapist? GD that makes me sick. Stop excusing other’s actions solely because they’re jewish. With crime in particular, please do not protect the monsters. They’re Jews by blood but they are demons by action. Likewise with coverups. It’s all about reputation and money. Guess what, if you cover something up and you’re found out, your reputation will be a thousand times worse than if things were just upfront and honest. And the schools!!! WTF! Oholei Torah is a nightmare. Abuse, beatings, you name it. “Oh but they’re a respected Rabbi, he can do no harm.” If you have that mentality you deserve to jump off the San Francisco Bridge along with who told you to jump off.

    • to number 7

      Sounds like you have a lot of anger built up…I don’t see any connection to this article or what this guy Mizrachi
      was saying at all.
      You should find someone to talk out your issues.

    • chicago

      I agree with 9.
      you are referring to frum ppl messing with little kids. THAT IS CRAZY AND MUST STOP AND THE OFFENDERS MUST GO TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. But that is not what this clown is talking about.
      His problem is with shluchim excepting donations from non-drum people. He also assumes that because you are not frum you must be raping, murdering, and selling drugs to kids.
      This dude is off his rocker.
      The bottom line is that if you do a mitzvah you are bringing moshiach closer. each and every mitzvah brings him closer and closer, moshiach doesn’t discriminate or differentiate mitzvos done by frum and not frum.

  • Dishonest presentation

    With the article title and image with the captions, you make it sound a whole lot worse than what he actually said.

  • disgusted by such behavior from someone that is called Rav

    Shame on you to talk like that and use the Rebbe King Moshiach in your ugly talk

  • A rachmonus on him

    No other words to describe him.

    His view of Yiddishkeit is almost like the views of Muslims or Christians.

    I hope he opens up his eyes one day and learns some chassidus

  • basi lagani 5711

    he probably doesn’t hasn’t heard it yet or get it , the address of the 10th of Shevat 5711 when the Rebbe laid out his “Mission Statement”.

    Mashiach now!!

  • shliach

    With this guy, the best thing is to ignore him completely.
    He is a zero who has absolutely no authority on any level and is a self appointed Mashpia much like Amnon Yitzchak.
    To respond gives him credibility.
    He will fizzle out sooner than later and should be totally disregarded.
    He doesn’t deserve the air time he is getting for his outrageous opinions.

  • Please don't use the holy title

    Please don’t use the holy title Mashpia on him or anyone other than our Mashpiim. Call them whatever.

  • evidently he hasn't heard of the baal shem tov

    he is just looking to pick a fight hamenavel im menuval misnavel gam kain

  • To #5 "Hmm"

    Your sentiment is a good one but very misplaced.

    Yes. Corruption is bad, rapists are bad, you can even call Oholei Torah bad if that makes your day. But this has nothing to do with Mr Mizrachi and his hateful speech.

    Mizrachi is claiming that chabad honors rapists and drug dealers keeping them from becoming frum. This is a blatant lie and absolute slander.

    The unfortunate truth is that these issues exist in the “frum” community and I would dare say that some of these are MORE prevalent amongst these so called “tzaddikim” of Mizrachi.

    Frum yidden condone corruption and cheating, not Chabad. (This is not meant to be a blanket statement as that would be doing the same hateful tactic that he used, I am merely saying that pointing fingers here is dishonest and insulting.

    We do not need to always be so self righteous by accepting misplaced blame.

    BTW, to those worried about supporting him by watching this video, don’t worry. This video was not posted by him but by one of his detractors.

  • Borsalino

    BH. He says this
    Everytime he open his mouth he means the opposite!
    I would be more worry if he call himself a chabadnik

  • Trailblazer

    Another proof that this person is simply not well , he needs a refuah , pray for him .

  • Shlomo

    So you don’t like to hear the truth? I would like Chabad to wipe out their criminal elements. Until then, they will have to deal with other people’s opinions. Time to clean house.

  • what makes him

    believe that a Shliach would call such a person a Tzaddik. They may accept a secular jew, but it’s a real lie that a Shliach would call a criminal a Tzaddik

  • give it 10

    The world is finally seeing him for what he is. Completely arrogant. Thinks he is all knowing. Very easily blames suffering on sinful behavior. Feh on him!

  • dovid

    mizrachi is such a stick drek that he embarrasses the dirt on the ground….he is such an expert on gehenim he seems to know who goes there who went AND WHOS GOING TO GO THERE. i think this guy has been there quite often to know. what a crack pot…

  • #15 Thank you

    He is trying to say that money speaks and sometimes a shliach, because he may be dependent on his congregants for support, may not give tochacha to people who come to daven in his Chabad House or encourage them to change and may show them honor for the support that they give. I heard a shliach say once that a Rabbi might give more honor to those with money. This seems to be part of a talk he gave-what else what the lecture about? Rabbi Mizrachi sometimes talks in a way that you have to follow everything he is saying to get the gist of it.
    He should know that the way of Chabad is that a little light can chase away a lot of darkness.

  • Title inaccurate at best.

    Title inaccurate at best. Please change to reflect his actual words or sentiment.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he felt that by ignoring the wrong people are doing, that it is encouraging others that they can be a good Jew and still not keep mitzvos. Chabad houses don’t have membership, so those with money have more influence. Maybe in the rest of the video, he tells what he thinks should be done to encourage Jews to improve, although at a shiur I went, his solution was to give people his cds.

  • he is a snag

    the REBBE focuses on the positive in ppl, but this nut is blown.

    u mess with chabad and ur business will fail.

  • Take a lesson

    A chosid should take a lesson from what he sees and hears

    Since we have heard this, by Divine Providence, we must find some semblance of this within ourselves and Correct it

    Just slandering back does no one any good

  • Flatbush Friend

    Rabbi Mizrachi, Watch your words. I wish you only well, but you’re playing with fire.

  • Levi

    If I understand what he said, it was that donating to a Chabad house does not compensate for violating the Torah and to say it does is incorrect. Anyone else see it that way?

  • Miriam

    I agree with rabbi Mizrachi. and because he tells it like it is, people are taking his words out of context. I have been listening to his cd’s for a while and I have been giving them to others as well. NEVER have I heard him utter a single word that against Torah or without sufficient sources to back his words.

    Editing a video and taking his words out of context is a despicable sin. Beware those who are guilty of spreading evil rumors about a rabbi that has done so much for so many. He has brought thousands of Jews back to Hashem and that does not sit well with some.

    We need more rabbis like him.

  • Poor soul...

    This Mizrachi guy sounds like the olden day’s Maggid who went around from town to town putting pure ״ Yidden” down with lots of Mussar and harsh predictions. If he can say that an Israeli soldier who at the moment is not intuned to being frum, if this individual dies in battle for the sake of his land AND people -“You tink he will go to Heaven” asks Rabbi Mizrachi NO no way – this soldier does not keep Shabbat he dunt eat kasher he does many sin – he will not go to heaven he will go to—-! ” Who is this putz to open his mouth like that. Who is he to decide who goes where and why. He also tells people who are blind or crippled that he knows why they are like that – “cause in previous gilgul he look at terrible tings or he walk to terrible places. Rabbi M probably thinks he is a gilgul of some Tanna or Navi .. Meantime we know that the the Rebbe would denounce such an individual who talks so nasty about a fellow Jew! Go learn some Chassidus and get your head on straight Mr Mizrachi!

  • Poor soul...

    Who is he to decide who goes where and why? G-d forbid to open one’s mouth to say that a fellow Jew -no matter which level he may be on – will go to the opposite of Heaven – ch”v He sounds very much like the olden time Maggid who would r”l curse the pushiter Yid or in this case the Tinok Shenishba. Mr Mizrachi go learn some Chabad Chassidus and get your head on straight! As far as we have learned and know for a FACT – Its ועמך כולם צדיקים and כל ישראל יש להם חלק לעולם הבא! Chabad Chassidim would make mush out of you. Get a life , close your mouth unless you have something favorable to say about each and every Yid! Especially now, moments before Moshiach comes..