Picture of the Day: Learning Chasidus, Chevron Style

The above photo was taken by Chevron Shliach Rabbi Danny Cohen in the Me’aras Hamechpela last week, where he and another community member sat down one morning to study Chasidus.


  • 4. disgusting wrote:

    we carry weapon out of defense. not to show off for a picture, and etc… how dare crownheights.info feel the need to show this.

    if you need a weapon for defense, then good. but no need to parade it around.

  • 7. cholent mit kugel wrote:

    Met him on one of his trips to CH. He described the Chevron community and how they live…amazing strength

  • 8. Always assume weapon is loaded wrote:

    Gun Safety 101: always assume weapon is cocked and ready. You should never point weapon at someone unless you are ready to shoot them.


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