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Melbourne Gathers for Melave Malka and Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen

In a momentous display of community Achdus, the Melbourne Chabad and general community gathered for a grand Melave Malka. The sold-out event at the St Kilda Town Hall, bedecked with exquisite crystal and silver décor as befitting the occasion, boasted over 500 people in attendance.

Master of ceremonies Rabbi Shmuel Lesches (Young Yeshivah) opened the event by setting the evening’s theme as a “Call to Action”, to forge ahead in our task of bringing Moshiach, putting aside any questions, doubts, reservations or challenges that disturb our commitment to achieving that goal. Continuing in this vein, a riveting video of the Rebbe’s Mivtzoim campaign was presented to the audience.

Moving on to the Rebbe’s Takanah of learning Rambam, a Siyum on the Sefer Nezikin was delivered by Rabbi Yonason Johnson (Kollel Menachem), who also inspired the crowd to continuously enhance their commitment to learning Rambam.

The appetising main course was served before the keynote speaker was introduced. Rabbi Yossi and Rebbetzin Mindy Chazan of the large and eminent Holy Law Congregation (Manchester, UK) flew in to Melbourne especially for Gimmel Tammuz to inspire the local community. Rabbi Chazan spoke of the Rebbe’s leadership as it relates to community Achdus – focusing on both the needs of the community at large, yet simultaneously, on the needs of every single individual. Rabbi Chazan’s highly erudite and inspiring keynote address, movingly delivered with his signature passion and personal warmth, was eagerly received by the audience.

After the formal event concluded with dessert and Bentching led by Rabbi Zvi Telsner (Yeshivah Centre), Rabbi Chazan led a Farbrengen into the late hours of the night.

The delightful fully-catered menu, the atmosphere and program, as well as attention to every detail, contributed to the great success of the event. The Melave Malka was made possible by the tireless and devoted efforts of the Young Yeshivah committee.

Photos by Levi Stern