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Op-Ed: When Unity Isn’t About Unity

When you are screaming unity but excluding Lubavitch, is that unity? If you call yourself Lubavitch, but ignore the Rebbe, are you Lubavitch? A Crown Heights resident penned the following Op-Ed decrying the pride and lack of unity involved with the “Unity Sefer Torah”.

Imagine an organization in Lakewood published a book saying they came up with the concept of putting Tefillin on non-frum yidden. Or what if a chassidic group would claim they came up with mivtza neshek.

Just try to imagine the outcry. Lubavitchers would be furious, and rightfully so. How dare our Rebbe be erased? How dare you take credit for an idea that wasn’t yours?

Now imagine I told you that such a thing was done, not by Litvishe from Lakewood, not by Satmar from Williamsburg, but by three individuals from Crown Heights, people that claim to be Lubavitchers!

What is this referring to? If you opened almost any Jewish media outlet over the past two weeks, you must have noticed ads, articles, flyers and more for a project called the “Unity Torah”. Read the articles, and you will hear about three businessmen from Crown Heights who came up with the idea to write a torah to unite and protect Klal Yisroel and got thousands of people around the world to purchase letters.

Amazing, right? It just seems like they forgot about their own Rebbe….

In 5741, the Rebbe launched a mivtza to write sifrei torah for children, followed shortly afterwards by an additional mivtza to write Sifrei Torah……to unite Klal Yisroel! The Rebbe spoke about this mivtza tens of times, mentioning it with the other mivtzoim the Rebbe instituted like mivtza tefillin!

And then here comes three individuals purporting to be Lubavitchers, and announce themselves as the “initiators of the Unity Torah”. Not only that, but search all of their self-promoting articles and press releases, and you won’t see the Rebbe mentioned once! The names of Shloimy Greenwald, Zalmy Cohen, and Berel Junik will be in every article without fail, but you will not see a single mention of the Rebbe.

All in the name of unity, right?

Parenthetically, there is a saying that you can see what a person’s weakness is by seeing what they scream loudest. It is very nice that the the three businessman found their way into the house of every rov and rebbe in the tri-state area, and take pictures to post everywhere (for unity, obviously), but when you can;t get along with a large portion of your own brothers, Lubavitchers, back home, don’t go around screaming unity.

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