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Lion Or Lamb? Protests Not Permitted in Red Zones

by CrownHeights.info

Whether you agree or disagree with Cuomo’s lockdown of “Red Zones”, there is no argument that there is a glaring double standard at work in New York State.

According to a New York Post report, an order issued Thursday in an NYPD “Finest Message” internal memo stated that no protests would be allowed in the COVID-19 “Red Zones”.

The decision to ban what is being called a first amendment right comes after two days of mostly peaceful demonstrations in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, and stands in stark contrast to just a few months ago, when tens of thousands marched and looted their way through New York City. At the time, only a curfew was enacted, and the District Attorney declined to prosecute most associated crimes.

Will the Jewish community follow along with the new rule? it appears unlikely.

A leading figure in the opposition to the new lockdown is radio personality Heshy Tischler, who reported in a social media post that he would be arrested Monday for incitement in an alleged beating that took place at one of the protests.

Video of the “beating” appears to show a large crowd cornering reporter Jacob Kornbluh, a vocal activist that had raised the ire of the community through his reporting, but show no physical contact. Video immediately following the incident shows Kornbuh walking away under police escort, obviously uninjured.

In response to the Brooklyn DA’s concerned tweet over the alleged assault, Rabbi Mendy Hershkop wrote “Here is @jacobkornbluh liar and sensationalist looking just fine after a “brutal assault”. He is not a news reporter, he is an activist that thinks he is the arbitrator of all things right and wrong as he sees fit.”

The new restrictions placed by Governor Andrew Cuomo has been roundly condemned by the media and politicians, many saying that it unjustly singles out the Orthodox Jewish community, and is unconstitutional. A lawsuit by a leading Orthodox Jewish group saw arguments today for a freeze on the imposed regulations, but was rejected.