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Obama Snubs Israel As One of Final Moves in Office

from Reuters:

The Obama administration on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements, defying pressure from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as well as Israel and several U.S. senators who urged Washington to use its veto.

The resolution was put forward at the 15-member council for a vote on Friday by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal a day after Egypt withdrew it under pressure from Israel and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Israel and Trump had called on the United States to veto the measure.

It was adopted with 14 votes in favor, to a round of applause. It is the first resolution the Security Council has adopted on Israel and the Palestinians in nearly eight years.

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#1 Comment By Moishe Pipek On December 24, 2016 @ 9:01 pm

This is no surprise to most orthodox Jews Obozo hates Jews It might be a shock to some liberal Jews the J street goys applaud it.Obama is what we knew from the day he got elected a Muslim.

#2 Comment By Oh Bummer, obamination On December 24, 2016 @ 9:09 pm

May G-d be the true judge!

#3 Comment By No english On December 24, 2016 @ 10:26 pm

Can s/ o plz explain me what this article is about
I don’t understand
What vote ???

#4 Comment By Mem On December 25, 2016 @ 3:16 pm

Read “Hamodia” it is kosher world news – without the snide anti-Semitic inuendos of the secular press.
This article written by A Pe’er. Hamodia’s military correspondent says Obama” isn’t Antiochus etc “…but he is Amalek the way he has stabbed lsraeli in the back…
Looking back…He is his middle name – Hussein.
May Hashem bring immediate revealed miracles for Israel & klal Yisroel

#5 Comment By Moishe not rabeinu On December 25, 2016 @ 9:46 pm

This Amalek is the worst. Natanyahu is realy lohem as milchemet Hashem.

#6 Comment By Chani On December 27, 2016 @ 11:20 am

When will people realize this guy hates us and our land?