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Jewish Mother and Her Children Rescued from Arabs

A Purim miracle. That’s how a Yad L’Achim rescue team described last week’s dramatic evacuation of Ahuva (name changed to protect identity), a Jewish woman, and her three children from a hostile Arab village near Beit Lechem.

The rescue ran aground even before it started when, just hours before Yad L’Achim teams were set to arrive on the scene, a tearful Ahuva called with terrible news: Her husband had been arrested by the police on suspicion of belonging to a car-theft ring and was confined to house arrest. The plan called for the rescue to take place when he was away at work, but now he couldn’t go to work.

After a series of security consultations, Ahuva was asked to notify Yad L’Achim when her Arab husband was to be taken to the police station for questioning. Late one night, after three nerve-wracking days, the Ahuva’s mother called Yad L’Achim with the following message: My daughter informed me that her husband is to be taken tomorrow at 7 a.m. for questioning in a Jerusalem police station.

Yad L’Achim sprang into action, alerting the rescue team in the middle of the night. At dawn, the team was already waiting at the entrance to the village and making last-minute preparations to rescue Ahuva and her children.

But then another complication arose: The mother of the Arab husband showed up at the house and tried to prevent the police from taking her son in for questioning. She screamed and carried on, cursing the police and physically trying to block them. Even after the police left with her son, she remained at the house.

The rescue team, which during the pre-rescue briefing had learned that she was a terrorist who had killed Jews and was released from Israeli prison in the deal that gained the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, decided not to risk a rescue in her presence.

However, the rescue team decided to remain in the area, despite the danger. Half an hour later, Ahuva called and notified them that her mother-in-law had left the house, but had taken her young son with her. Again, the rescue would have to be delayed.

However, they continued to drive around in the heart of hostile territory in the hope of some sudden development that would make a rescue possible.

Ten minutes later, the hoped-for news arrived: Ahuva’s young son was returned home by his grandmother “because he cried all the time.” The rescue team immediately made its way to the house, ushered Ahuva and her children into the car and sped out of village en route to a secret safe house, where they are undergoing rehabilitation.

“We thank Hashem that we merited our own Purim miracle and saw how everything was directed from Above,” said a member Yad L’Achim’s rescue team. “We had Divine assistance every step of the way.”


  • 1. yakov wrote:

    i dont get why these Jewish women marry these beasts could it be alot of Jewish men were killed fighting the Arabs?

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      they are kidnapped and forced, or they are tricked and by the time they find out it is too late.

    • 3. Some are more vulnerable than others wrote:

      In addition to what “Anonymous” wrote — that some are kidnapped and forced, or are tricked — some of the girls are starved for attention during their growing up years.

      While shopping, for example, such a girl might meet a young man who is sweet, kind, and attentive to them (though this is all a show to entrap them). He may even pretend that he’s a Yid, at first. This plays on these girls’ weakness.

      Like “Anonymous” says, this is one way the girls are tricked. Their lack of attention (or sometimes downright rejection for one reason or another) from home led to their being vulnerable to this male attention.

  • 4. wow! wrote:

    incredible work that this organization does to help jewish women and children!

  • 5. bekasha wrote:

    HaShem, bless these precious Jews who have so much Ahavas Yisroel to do such a risky job to save yidden.
    and as my friend says: please HaShem, give me more parnossa so that I can use some of it to have the zechus to help other yidden.

  • 6. U.S. wrote:

    Do they do this in the U.S. if Jewish children are somehow, G-d forbid, trapped in Christian homes?

    • 7. us wrote:

      They do help abused women and hide them from their husbands, which is why the ladies want to run away.
      As a “fringe” benefit they get them out of an arab house.

  • 8. i don't get it... wrote:

    jewish-israeli girls gone astray surely hear many stories about jewish girls who marry arabs and are horribly mistreated. at some point they learn the hard way that they got more than they bargained for and are trapped in terrible lives, unless they are willing to give up their children, leaving them behind in arab villages while they return to where they came from.. They’re convinced that their darling husbands will be different, not abusive. at some point, jewish rachmonim bnei rachmonim from Yad L’achim will put their lives on the line to rescue as many such women who are desperately reaching out for their help as they are able to. I’ll never forget the young Lubavitcher yeshivah bochur who was murdered a few years ago because he was instrumental in rescuing a jewish young woman from exactly this kind of horror – a horror that she foolishly put herself into. i wish there was a way to publicize these stories even more widely; it might save a few foolish girls from doing something they will eventually regret.

  • 9. gt3 wrote:

    without this incredible org, what would some of those vulnerable girls do…….


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