6 People Injured in Drive by Terror Shooting

Six people have been injured, including one pregnant woman, in a drive by shooting near Jerusalem. The incident has been named terror related by Israel, and a man hunt is underway to catch the terrorists.

by crownheights.info

A terror related drive by shooting has left six people injured, including a pregnant woman, at the Ofra Junction north of Jerusalem. The incident occurred in the evening hours, when a vehicle drove past a bus stop, opening fire on a small group.

IDF forces stationed at the junction returned fire, but the vehicle sped off, and got away.

The pregnant woman, who was injured in the attack, was transported to a area hospital, where her baby was delivered in an emergency operation.

Also injured in the attack are two teenage girls, who were waiting on their bus.

A manhunt is underway by the IDF to catch the terrorists, and the vehicle used in the shooting has already been found.

Vehicle used in Shooting was located by the IDF as the manhunt continues to catch the terrorists.

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  • 1. Daven for the mother and baby wrote:

    Pregnant woman is shira yael bat liora. Her family asks that we daven for her. Her 30 week baby was delivered in good condition.


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