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Vach Nacht: Student Say Shema for Teachers Grandson

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — The students of Rabbi Yossi Goldsteins Pre-1a class got together to perform the minhag of saying Shema over an infant on the night before his Bris Milah.

The boy is the child of Danial and Musky Cowen and the grandson of Rabbi Yossi and Ora Goldstein.


  • 1. like Father like Son wrote:

    Moishe and Avi Hershkop so proud of you. Just like your Tatty you should both continue to do lots and lots of Mitzvos.

  • 6. former student wrote:

    rabbi goldstein is a humble person who has been a great teacher all these years!

    thank you.

  • 7. Moshe Eli - so proud of you! wrote:

    Moshe Eli – You’re such a good boy! So proud to see you in a real Rebbe class and you’re sitting so nicely and saying Shema beautifuly! You’re really a special yingele!
    Morah Chaya

  • 9. wow wrote:

    Rabbi Goldstein is soo sweet and aidel. What a Rebbe.
    He is skip great with kinderlech. He should get a raise and a bonus.
    I hope he can teach other teachers how to be so nice with kids.

  • 10. MAZAL TOV BUBBY ORAH! wrote:

    Orah welcome to bubbyhood! u look great, like you can be the new mom yourself! ….big Mazal Tov!

  • 11. Parent wrote:

    Rabbi Goldstein is an amazing Rebbe – my son is in his class & loves every second of it. He chalanges the smart kids & thinks out of box – so the kids love to come to school


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