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Oholei torah Chai: Bring The House Down!

As Oholei Torah Chai gains momentum, we are bringing the house down. Literally and figuratively!

As we speak, thanks to your support and generosity, we have commenced tearing down 699 Eastern Parkway, the house off of Brooklyn Avenue adjacent to the Oholei Torah Campus playground. Go see for yourself!

In doing our part to bring The Ultimate House down, Hashem’s House, the third and eternal Beis Hamikdash, we are bringing down the house to facilitate the breiter and lebediker chinuch of Oholei Torah.

The planning, architecting, schemating, and fundraising to build a brand new building on the lot have already begun. In the interim, after demolition the new lot will be developed immediately into a much-need additional outdoor recreational area.

Your support is crucial for the present and future of Oholei Torah! Please give now with a Chayos at OTCHAI.COM

Thank you for lifting us up by helping us bring the house - and The House - down!