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[T]each One Of Us, A Perfect Soul

An NYPD officer, two Kollel chavrusas, a law school student, and the CEO of an eCommerce company walk into a…

We are getting ahead of ourselves. The Alter Rebbe writes in the second chapter of Tanya that each and every one of us is a chelek Eloka m’maal mamash, a part of G-d above, literally!

So why is it that we do not always feel like a literal piece of G-d? Because we forget. Because we get distracted. Because life happens.

The only way for EACH ONE to remember, is to TEACH ONE to remember that he or she is a literal segment of the divine above. 

An NYPD officer, two Kollel chavrusas, a law school student, and the CEO of an eCommerce company walk into a Darchai Menachem alumni event.

Predicated on the Alter Rebbe’s fundamental teaching, Darchai Menachem exists to [T]EACH ONE, to inspire and ignite in each and every one of its students-your sons!-that he is a piece of G-d Himself.

The alumni event, hosted in Darchai on Rutland Road this past week, celebrated this wondrous gift.

Menachem Benarroch, the recipient of the Trailblazer award (this video is why), spoke words from and to the heart: “I went to 5 different schools before I came to Darchai. But whenever people ask me what school I went to, I tell them proudly, Darchai Menachem.”

video by Avraham Edry

Why? Perhaps Rabbi Vail, the school’s administrator, answered it best: “When you teach one, when each student feels like he is part and parcel of The One above, then that student can do or be anything!”

The alumni are a living testament. In addition to officers and students of the (religious and civil) law, Darchai alumni are represented in various Yeshivos and professions.

The event, exquisitely planned and designed by Adina Posner together with Darchai teachers and administration, pulsated with life. “It was incredible to meet so many of our old students all at one time,” said school principal, Rabbi Bension. “We need to do this more often and create avenues for our alumni to become an impactful part of the Darchai community.”

Because EACH ONE of our children is essential to Hashem, EACH ONE is essential to the totality of existence. The need we fill is very, very real. Darchai Menachem currently has 143 potential students stuck on our waiting list. We have infinite spiritual capacity; but our very finite physical space is packed beyond capacity.

With Hashem’s brochos, the building adjacent to our current location is for sale. If we purchase it NOW, we can accept many more students immediately and begin planning the development of the building of our dreams.


EACH ONE needs Darchai Menachem! And that is why Darchai Menachem needs you to help us purchase the space next door.

Please go to charidy.com/darchai to give with a generous heart and a beaming smile. Every dollar you give will be tripled, tripled, tripled.

In your honor, and the honor of this electric alumni reunion, may we merit the ultimate reunion, the reunion of heaven and earth with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

photos by Shimi Kutner