Tzeischem L’Shalom at Chovevei Torah

This past Monday night 21 Sivan, the bochrim of Chovevei Torah Mesivta enjoyed a lavish gourmet Tzeischem L’Shalom celebrating the successes of this past year. The evening opened up with a video of the Rebbe talking about how to make vacation time productive. This was followed by the Menahel of the yeshiva Rabbi Menachem Minsky addressing the Yeshiva with words of appreciation and chizuk. Thanks to a generous gift sponsored by R’ Dovber Nachmen Hakohen Sperlin, every bocher received their own set of seforim as a souvenir from an amazing year.

Throughout the year, the bochrim have been busy with various Mivtzos organized by our Shluchim, Moshe Brand, Simcha Haberman, Levi Parnas, and Shmulik Zilberman. The high-lite of the event was the grand Chinese Auction where 23 prizes were auctioned to the bochrim who worked tirelessly a whole year memorizing the Hayom Yom and accumulating “rubles” to bid with. The grand prize won by Hatamim Menachem Mendel Zevulonov was an original Ksav Yad of the Rebbe.

The Bochrim who worked hard in the Vihagisa Program to learn Gemorah and Shulchan Aruch were than awarded certificates and checks presented by Rabbi Eliyahu Simpson and Rabbi Eliyahu Labkowsky. Following Marriv, the shluchim still hard at work, gave an Inyonei geula u’Mashiach shiur.

May all of these accomplishments give nachas to the Rebbe and be the final Mitzvah that brings Moshiach.

Wishing the Bochrim a very successful summer.

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