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Another Case of Measles Confirmed in Crown Heights

Crown Heights’s nearly clean record of staying measles free took another hit today, as the Department of Health confirmed a 9 Month old as having the virus. Although details on the exposure are yet unclear, it is believed to be significant.

by CrownHeights.info

A nine month old baby has had their measles diagnosis confirmed Tuesday afternoon, in another hit to Crown Heights’s good measles record.

The exposure details have still not been publicized, but in the five days the baby was contagious, it is believed to be significant.

Dr Eli Rosen confirmed the case to CrownHeights.info, and informed that the child is presently hospitalized.

In connection, Beis Chaya Mushka School in Crown Heights informed parents VIA robocall that without propper immunization, the students would not be allowed to return to school.