Darchai Menachem and ENY Auto Team Up for Car Wash

Darchai Menachem’s new PTA is not wasting any time. This past Sunday they teamed up with ENY Auto to host a pre-Pesach car wash. 8th grade students scrubbed, vacuumed, and hosed down car after car to raise money for the new PTA.

“We’re proud of our hard-working students,” says Rabbi Vail, Darchai Menachem’s principal. PTA coordinators Rivky Perl, Tzini Brand, and Batsheva Borenstein coordinated the car wash with the help of Shuki Greenberg and Aron Hershkop, co-owners of ENY Auto. (Aron is also a Darchai parent.)

Thanks to Darchai’s 8th grade rebbi, Rabbi Chazan, and his students: Yossi Forster, Avi Frankel, Moshe Hershkop, Elisha Kievman, Schneur Palace, Getzy Rubashkin, Yaacov Schaffran, Zalman Schultz, Chaim Wilhelm, Dovi Wilhelm, and Daniel Ziv.

Darchai’s recently-formed PTA is full of great ideas for programs that will bring together the Darchai community of students, staff, and parents. “Our vision is to offer special in-class activities, host events for parents, and recognize our staff’s dedication,” says Tzini Brand. “This is just the beginning.”

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