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New Bike Lane Installed in Crown Heights

From News 12:

The city’s newest 2-mile bike lane spans Classon Avenue through Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, and marks a milestone in one family’s fight for safer streets.

It comes in response to the death of cyclist Lauren Davis, who was struck and killed by a car while biking to work along the same stretch in April 2016.

Since her death, Davis’ family has been advocating more protected bike lanes. Her sister Danielle moved to Brooklyn from San Diego as part of their campaign.

“It does help, knowing that this bike lane will help protect other cyclists,” Danielle Davis says. “And maybe ensure that other families don’t have to experience the same trauma that my family and I have experienced.”

The street already had a bike lane, but now it is separated by a barrier from automobiles.

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#1 Comment By From CH 2 Wb yes On August 17, 2017 @ 2:59 pm

This is Great a bike lane that goes from CH 2 Wb, all I gotta do now is take the bike lane on Classon Ave & take it to Flushing from Flushing I bike to Bedford Ave on the side walk then on Bedford I use the official bike lane for Bedford Ave, now I could go straight to Bedford & Taylor my final destination in Wb, Bklyn everyday without riding on the side walk most of the time, I’m very very sorry to hear that this cost someone’s life, I think on all major streets like Bedford Ave should all have bike Lanes, hey even EP (Eastern Pkwy) why not every biker in this city has the right & privilege to ride their bike in the street, I say we make a city wide bike lane on all Bklyn Major streets, yes Kingston, Albany, Bklyn Ave, yes why not, driving your bike on the sidewalk disturbs pedestrians always having to say excuse me, excuse me, the City of Bklyn should be aware of this & make bike Lanes on every street, if there is a will there is a way, ty for sharing this great happy news

#2 Comment By Milhouse On August 17, 2017 @ 9:07 pm

Riding bikes on the sidewalk is illegal. You have no more right to ride your bike on a sidewalk than I do to drive my car there.