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60 Nominated Alumni to be Honored at Dinner

Marking Oholei Torah’s 60th anniversary, the institution will be honoring 60 of its alumni at their annual gala dinnir. They were all nominated through a voting campaign which took place around election time.

Upon escaping a vibrant European Jewry torn apart by Nazi atrocities to arrive in a deteriorating Jewish community threatened by American modernity, the Frierdiker Rebbe famously pronounced “America is nisht anderesh—America is no different”.

Today, on the 9th of Adar, 77 years since that defiant proclamation, Oholei Torah Educational Institute announces a list of 60 alumni to be recognized at an upcoming dinner for their tireless efforts in ensuring the materialization of this vision.

Oholei Torah’s Gala Dinner, culminating the school’s 60 year anniversary celebrations, will be held on Sunday, 3rd of Sivan – 28th of May, in the Ballrooms of Oholei Torah Center. The 60 alumni were nominated through a voting campaign beginning at the Kinus HaShluchim, and, despite the diverse fields they currently find themselves in – some Shlichus, some Rabbonus, some Chinuch and others business – they are united by the burning passion to be lamplighters and inspire others that was instilled within each one of them.

“The impact of Oholei Torah reaches every single home in the Chabad community worldwide,” said Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Oholei Torah’s longstanding Executive Director. “The 60 years of Oholei Torah celebrates our success in producing results that are consistent and absolutely vital to the Rebbe’s vision of Uforatzta – spreading yiddishkeit throughout the world.”

Rabbi Nosson Blumes, Oholei Torah’s Director of Development, is the coordinator of this event. “It’s both amazing and heartwarming to see the accomplishments of these alumni,” he said. “The ties they have with Oholei Torah are still strong, and continue to inspire their activities.”

The Board of Directors of Oholei Torah hope to see many alumni, parents, friends, and supporters participate and show their support for this unprecedented Gala Event. For more information please contact 60@oholeitorah.com


Shmuel Altein Director, Jewish Learning Institute Winnipeg Canada
Gershon Avtzon Founder and Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati Ohio
Mendel Azimov Director, Beth Loubavitch Paris France
Yechiel Baitelman Director, Chabad of Richmond Richmond Canada
Manis Barash Director, Chabad Maharal Center Prague Czech Republic
Yosef Yitzchok Baumgarten Founder, Unzer Shul, Crown Heights Brooklyn New York
Mendy Begun Associate Rabbi, Tiferet Lubavitch St. Paulo Brazil
Yissachar Shlomo Bistritzky Co-Director, Chabad Lubawitsch Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Dov Ber Blau Teacher, Oholei Torah Elementary School Brooklyn New York
Chaim Block Director, Chabad Of San Antonio San Antonio Texas
Yehuda Butman Director, Chabad of Ramat Hasharon Ramat Hasharon Israel
Menachem M. Chanin Owner, Reliable Fast Cash Company Brooklyn New York
Shlomo Chein Director, Chabad of University of California S. Cruz California
Yossi Cunin Chabad of Beverly Hills Beverly Hills California
Zalman Yuda Deitsch, a”h Dedicated by his children, Oholei Torah Graduates Brooklyn New York
Zalman Moshe Drizin Director, Chabad of Kings Highway Brooklyn New York
Mordechai Dubrawsky Rabbi, Chabad of Rishon L’tzion Rishon L’tzion Israel
Mendel Duchman CEO, Nonie of Beverly Hills Los Angeles California
Eli Schulman Student Shliach, Melbourne Yeshiva Gedolah Melbourne Australia
Avraham Fried(man) Renown Chassidic Singer Brooklyn New York
Yossi Friedman Director of Research, Fidelity Industries Brooklyn New York
Shimon Fruendlich Rabbi, Founder, Chabad of Beijing Beijing China
Menachem M. Gluckowsky Rabbi,  Chabad Beis Din of Israel Rechovot Israel
Mendy Greenbaum Dean, Cheder Menachem Los Angeles California
Avremel Hartman Director, Chabad House, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Alexander Heppenheimer Engineer, Axway Computer Services Brooklyn New York
Gedalya Hertz Assistant Rabbi and Youth Director Alpharetta Georgia
Gavriel Holtzberg, Hy”d Founder, Chabad of Mumbai, China Mumbai India
Shlomo Horowitz Teacher, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah Brooklyn New York
Usher Jacobson Rabbi, The Chevra Synagogue Hempstead Canada
Menachem M. Junik Rabbi, Beis Gavriel Synagogue London England
Yossi Kamman Director, The Derher Publications Brooklyn New York
Yosef Y. Kazen, a”h Founder, Chabad in Cyberspace/Chabad.org Brooklyn New York
Mendy Kotlarsky Executive Director, Merkos 302,

Chabad Lubavitch

Brooklyn New York
Yaakov Lang Real Estate Investor Brooklyn New York
Binyomin Levin Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Mortgage Brooklyn New York
Dovid Levin Teacher, Oholei Torah Mesivta/High School Brooklyn New York
Mendy Lipskier Owner, Lipskier Real Estate Brooklyn New York
Motty Lipskier Director, The Beis Medrash of Crown Heights, Brooklyn New York
Eli Loebenstein Broker, AH Realty Company Brooklyn New York
Berel Majeski Director, Friendship Circle of Brooklyn Brooklyn New York
Neiach Majeski Director, Chabad of Ghana Accra Ghana
Yossi Pinson Owner, Wellspring Corporate Housing Los Angeles California
Chaim Raitport Rabbi, Chabad House Caracas Venezuela
Laizer Raksin Transportation Associate, Oholei Torah Brooklyn New York
Dovid Roitblatt CEO, Better Accounting Solutions Brooklyn New York
Menachem M Sabbach Director, Chabad of New Caledonia Noumea New Caledonia
Yosef Salamon Chief Rabbi, Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria
Yisroel Schanowitz Rabbi, Chabad of Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada
Yossi Shemtov Director, Chabad of Tucson Tucson Arizona
Eliyahu Schusterman Director, Chabad Intown Atlanta Georgia
Eli Slavin Community Liaison, US Congress Member Hon. Yvette D Clarke Brooklyn New York
Shimon Susskind Director, Chabad Jewish Center Vernon Hills Illinois
Yosef Y. Swerdlov Chabad Hospitality Services of Israel Jerusalem Israel
Berry Tzfasman Manager, Tzfaman Jewelers Brooklyn NY
Menachem M. Weitman Director, The Jewish Latin Center New York New York
Boruch Wolf Director, Chabad Medical Center and Kidney Assist New Hyde Park New York
Levi Wolff Rabbi, Central Synagogue Sydney Australia
Dovid Zaklikowski Writer and Director of Lubavitch Archives Brooklyn New York
Mendel Zarchi Director, Chabad Lubavitch of Puerto Rico Carolina Puerto Rico

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#1 Comment By Bitul b’Shishim On March 7, 2017 @ 8:51 pm

Looking forward to being bittul at the dinner.