Gang Assault Tuesday Night Classified as Hate Crime, 2 Charged by NYPD

Two assailants from last nights gang assault have been charged with Hate Crimes by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force. The NYPD is still searching for the third attacker.


The two assailants from last nights gang assault have been charged with Hate Crimes and Assault by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

The assaults, which was previously reported on, occurred a few minutes after 1:00am on President St between Albany and Troy Ave, when the gang of three began targeting Jewish men on the block.

Their first victim, an older man, was pushed to the ground before being pummeled mercilessly with punches and kicks to his face and body. The beating, caught on video, only ended when the three suddenly broke away and fled.

Just a few minutes later, the gang targeted a second man. The second victim was younger, and put up a fight, screaming for help and struggling with them.

Witnesses and victims immediately called 911 and Crown Heights Shomrim, who were both there in moments.

As they canvassed the area looking for the gang, a group matching the description of the gang was located on Crown St and Troy Ave. When the NYPD stopped the group, they attempted to flee. Two were caught, while the third got away.


  • 1. Mirel Gottesman wrote:

    How are the two men doing? Is the first man okay after that terrible beating? HaShem should avenge all our enemies. Unfortunately it’s getting scarier and scarier for a 60 year old woman to walk around Crown Heights. These attacks our being reported more and more frequently, and are occurring during daylight hours as well as evenings. Please report what NYPD plans to do about the increasing violence perpetuated against us.

  • 2. Crown Heights resident wrote:

    From what I understand there is an safety event at the JCM tonight to address the increasing violence in the neighborhood

  • 3. To my dearly foolish and naive brothers and sisters wrote:

    It pains me to no end, to bear witness to the seemingly endless display of sheer ignorance and unabashed naivete, plaguing a neighborhood which I once called home.
    The arrests made and charges filed seem to be conciliatory at best. Intended only to temporarily placate and pacify a certain segment of the populace, which might be starting to exhibit initial rumblings of dissention.
    The CH community has been cowed for so long into believing that their only source of protection is from the politician controlled police, that they have internalized it to the point where they actually believe it without question. The political overlords, which hold COMPLETE control over the security apparatus in NYC, have systematically stripped their subjects of all ability and legal means to formally protect themselves and their families – and they managed to convince them that it was in their own best interests in the process (sheer genius!).
    The only way that you are going to end this perpetual cycle of violence is to take your personal safety and security into your own hands, and to throw out any political figure who attempts to get in your way!!
    What kind of message do you think would have been sent to the thugs in the community, if two of the perpetrators from these incidents would have been shot dead on the spot by armed “good samaritans” and the third would have ended up on life support in Kings County Hospital? It happened last week in Texas.
    But the politicians who the community all worship in a G-D like fashion, with awards and smiling photo opps would never allow it, as it would entail giving up the one thing which means more to them than all else – ABSOLUTE POWER AND CONTROL! How sad…..


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