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COVID-19 Update for Crown Heights #36 – New Cases In The Community

To our dear fellow members of Anash in Crown Heights,

Unfortunately, we have a confirmed new case of COVID here in our community. It involves someone who went to one of the hotspot states and returned, and shortly after developed symptoms and tested positive. This individual is young and doing well, and has been cautioned to isolate.

On the one hand, it is reassuring that it is not a case of “community spread”, as it was picked up elsewhere. On the other hand, this is how community spread can begin, especially in a framework of questionably waning immunity, and this highlights the critically important message related to travel that we have been addressing these past few updates.

Bringing in the virus from other communities, at a time when we suspect reinfection may be possible, is a worrisome combination. Purim-time we had no idea of what was happening, and what was to come. Now we stand in a position where in a COVID world of many unknowns, we do need to apply common sense and be aware, in a way that is unique, that we are all faced with the awesome responsibility of taking care of each other.

We know that travel has from the outset and to this day resulted in significantly increased rates of infection. Ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks when in close contact with others all INCREASE the risk of contracting and hence sharing the virus. Quarantine restrictions are in place, not because they are popular, but as a way of protecting the vulnerable; those that choose to expose themselves have to bear responsibility and follow the rules put in place. This is obviously for the safety of the whole community.

We wish to never forget the lessons that we learned over the past 4 months. “Vehachai yitain el libo”. We are one family, recovering. Never again can we go through such loss. In the same way that we took care of each other in times of great need, now as things get easier, we need to continue to think of our neighbor first.


To clarify some terms:

If you have any new COVID symptoms, please fill out this survey: New COVID Symptoms

For any COVID related questions, please email chcovid@gmail.com.

We remain optimistic that what we are seeing is sporadic in nature only and no cause for general alarm, nevertheless for obvious reasons we wish everyone to pay attention to all of the above.

Looking forward to a healthy and happy summer for all.

Wishing everyone continued good health,