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Vice Mayor of Amsterdam Stresses Importance of Public Menorah

Many are of the opinion that because of increasing anti-Semitism and discrimination, Jews should start hiding their kippahs under baseball caps, and the Jewish Community should distance itself from Israel. However, the opinion of the vice mayor of Amsterdam is very different.

Mr. Eric van der Burg thinks that the answer to today’s intolerance is in openly demonstrating the freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The public menorah which is being displayed at the Zuidas financial district in Amsterdam is a shining example.

On Tuesday evening, December 16th, the vice mayor of Amsterdam Mr. Eric van der Burg lit the menorah for the first time, together with Rabbi Yanki Jacobs of Chabad Amsterdam South and Chabad on Campus.

“The message of Chanukah is universal. You can’t fight darkness with more darkness. Rather you do so by lighting small flames. Each good deed that a person does makes the world a better place,” said Rabbi Jacobs.

“Mr. van der Burg is a tremendous good friend of our Jewish Community and it’s a great honor that he came to light our big menorah. We wish the entire Dutch society a happy Chanukah, and may we only share good and positive news,” he said.