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Ukrainian President Elect Vladimir Zelenskiy Meets Chief Rabbis and Shluchim

On Monday May 6th,Rosh Chodesh Iyar in Kiev, the new president elect of Ukraine, Mr. Vladimir Zelensky, met with the Chief Rabbis of the Regions in Ukraine and emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn.

Mr. Zelenskiy warmly greeted the Rabbis, and for over an hour discussed the situation and challenges in Ukraine for the local Jewish communities.

Chief Rabbis Shmuel Kaminetzky (Dniepr), Moshe Moskovitz (Kharkov), Avraham Wolff (Odessa), Moshe Asman (Kiev), Shlomo Wilhelm (Zhitomir) and Pinchus Vishetzkiy (Donetzk) congratulated Mr Zelensky on making history as the first Jewish president Of Ukraine, and how his overwhelming victory showed tolerance and democracy in Ukraine.

Mr Zelenskiy was visibly impressed to hear how the Lubavitcher Rebbe had sent already in 1990 his emissaries to rebuild the Jewish communities that had struggled through 70 years of communism.

Being the eve of the 2nd of Iyar, the birthday of the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe, they discussed his life message of ‘Lchatchila Ariber,’ when confronting challenges you should leap over them and move forward.

The Rabbis presented Mr. Zelenskiy a Chumash in Russian and wished him much success in his new position.