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Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch laws of Pesach in English

Why will this Pesach be different? Because for the first time ever, you will have by your side the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch laws of Pesach in English.

The 7th Volume in the SIE Weiss edition translation of the Shulchan Aruch Harav is here. This new addition arrives at the perfect time – just one month to Pesach, which allows us to fulfill the first Halacha brought in the Sefer, that one should begin learning the laws of Pesach 30 days before its onset.

An interesting anecdote: the first copy of this book arrived from the printer by Divine Providence in middle of Shiva for Rabbi Yonah Avtzon.

As this project was the all consuming passion of his over the last few years the family excitedly opened the book. In its introduction to the Sefer, hereby attached, it quotes the words in the original introduction to the Alter Rebbe’s laws of Pesach, which was written by his sons, as it was printed after the הסתלקות:

This now is our partial comfort. His teachings are our life; we live on his words even now, for they are alive and eternal, shining and illuminating.

These words offered deep comfort to the family at the time. May this sefer bring light, freedom and comfort to us all this Pesach.