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Miami Yeshiva Gedola Announces New Mashpia

Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Miami is proud to announce the latest addition to its administrative staff, Harav Shmuel Chaim Hakohen Winter. He is known by many as a devoted Chossid who is personable and full of energy, will serve as mashpia alongside the institution’s most venerable Mashpia Harav Yosef Abrahams.

The Yeshiva Gedola is also announcing changes for the coming year within its current staff. Rabbi Chaim Stern will be serving as the menahel ruchni and Rabbi Bentche Korf will be serving as mashgiach harashi. Both will be working along side the institution’s world renown Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Yehuda Leib Schapiro.

The Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Miami is one of the first yeshivos establish by the Rebbe, and is best known for its care for and devotion to the bochurim. Learning takes place in a beautiful facility, which also includes a newly renovated dormitory. Many of its graduates have gone on to assume leadership roles in Torah institutions throughout the world.

The Yeshiva Gedola is a branch of Lubavitch Educational Center, one of the largest Chabad mosdos in the United States. It is under the leadership of Rabbi Benzion Korf, and is guided by Rabbi Avraham Korf, the Shliach Harashi to the State of Florida.

Applications for admission to the Yeshiva Gedola are now open for the coming year. Limited space is available. For more information, please contact Rabbi Chaim Stern at cstern@lecfl.com.

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#1 Comment By מזל טוב to the Yeshiva On February 26, 2018 @ 11:13 am

A real Chassidishe yungerman. Hope he will be able to create פירות just like him.