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$1 Million Being Raised for Kehaty Family

After successfully raising almost $200,000 on behalf of the young family of Nadiv Kehaty, OBM, through a GoFundMe campaign, Nadiv’s fellow Shul-goers set up a parallel Charidy campaign, with the aim of raising another $250,000 – as part of a campaign to raise a total of $1 million dollars.

The fund is being overseen by representatives from Itchke’s Shteibel, where Nadiv was a regular worshipper. The intention of the fund is to provide the family with immediate financial relief, as well as a long-term endowment to provide for the children’s upbringing and education.

Update: The Charidy campaign has ended. To contribute, please visit



  • 1. kana Shem Tov wrote:

    See what he left his family…..a Good Name / Shem Tov, which is helping even now….especially now.
    May the family be comforted in the knowledge that this was a great person who lived in HaShem’s ways, and gave the Rebbe nachas. This is the emes of a yid.

  • 2. If everyone who has kids wrote:

    Would buy a 1 million term life policy for 300 a year this all would not be needed.


    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      300 a year for a million dollars? Point me in that direction! It cost me 90 a month for that amount of coverage

    • 5. Its can be an issue of affordability. wrote:

      While your idea is a good one for the general public, not everyone is in the same state of health. For a person (even a young one) with health issues, an otherwise affordable life insurance policy becomes drastically more expensive to the point where it is completely unaffordable for the average person, especially if they have children to support. But in principle I agree with that a $1 million dollar life insurance policy for young healthy individuals is not very expensive, and those people should definitely buy.

  • 6. 1 million, not half a million! wrote:

    I was under the impression that the goal was $1 million. Or at least that’s what they said in the campaign description. Please change it if that is the case. It will motivate people to give more to reach the higher goal. Thank you,

  • 7. #2 wrote:

    # 2 is very correct, and someone can find and post the comments the Rebbe made in the ’70’s about this, too.

  • 8. Shame on you wrote:

    #3 If you or other people have no empathy no sympathy or nothing nice to say then don’t say or write anything.

  • 9. why? wrote:

    I think people are just trying to encourage others to get some security for their families- i dont think they mean to be ugly.I think they are just writing out of concern in general.why see these comments as negative?People are scared- this can happen anywhere and at any time.

  • 10. Anonymous wrote:

    #8 There are different ways to write your concerns and the way #2 wrote his/hers was indecent.

    Don’t forget that the family could see the comments.


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