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Camp Emunah Announces Head Staff

In honor of Chof Beis Shvat, Camp Emunah-B’nos Yaakov Yehudah – one of the pioneers of Lubavitch camping – proudly announced its team of Head Counselors and Division Heads for the Junior Division for this coming summer of 5775.

The capable and experienced girls who will serve as head staff at Camp Emunah this summer are:

Chaya Basya Jacobson – Crown Heights

Sheva Rivkin – Crown Heights

Frumie Hecht – Park Slope, Brooklyn

Esther Stern – United Kingdom

Malky Kugel – Crown Heights

Zeesy Gurevitch – Crown Heights

Esty Kraz – Crown Heights

Shaina Golomb – United Kingdom

Rivky Korf – Crown Heights

Mirel Deitch – Crown Heights

Limited space is still available for the Junior Division. Fill out your online application today at www.CampEmunah.org.

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#1 Comment By Wow! On February 12, 2015 @ 4:46 pm

It’s going to be the best summer ever!!

#2 Comment By Anonymous On February 12, 2015 @ 6:08 pm

Amazing!! Now you need good counselors!

#3 Comment By Zeesy and Mirel!!! On February 12, 2015 @ 8:25 pm

Best girls eva!!

#4 Comment By go frumie On February 12, 2015 @ 10:24 pm

Such awesomeness.

You rock the house all the way from israel

#5 Comment By Shmoo On February 13, 2015 @ 1:56 am

Sheina is the ikur again
Good luck!

Lager biz golomba eta nee lager ;)

#6 Comment By wow On February 13, 2015 @ 8:43 am

Ester Steeeeeeeeeern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#7 Comment By SB4 On February 13, 2015 @ 9:47 am

Name is Sara Basya Jacobson, not Chaya Basya…and she’s the best :)

#8 Comment By NAMES SHOULD BE CORRECTED On April 16, 2015 @ 9:00 pm

it’s mirel deitSch and malkA kugel and sara BASYA jacobson