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A Melava Malkah with Talmidim HaShluchim

Perhaps the most impressive event of a spectacular weekend took place Motzoei Shabbos after many hours of intense farbrenging. Rabbi Shloime Zarchi’s inspirational words carried over to a stirring Melave Malke hosted in the Mirador Resort. Rabbi Avraham Korf was dramatically introduced by emcee Meir Simcha Rubashkin Shliach to the Yeshiva in Morristown N.J., who continued to humor and entertain throughout the evening. As the Talmidim HaShluchim partook in the delicious dinner, Rabbi Yosef Denburg Shliach to Coral Springs Florida, followed by Rabbi Shai Amar Shliach to Golden Beach Florida, captivated the Shluchim telling compelling stories and thought provoking ideas.

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Eitan Goldberg, a Shliach in Pittsburgh, spoke of his personal experiences, and how a Shliach can and must affect those around him. Chaim Yisroel Sperlin, Shliach to the L.A. Mesivta, then proceeded to analogize Shlichus to an illuminating flame which automatically gives light. D’var Malchus was given in the form of the weekly living torah video. The evening was capped by the rousing speech by the Mashpia of Yeshiva Gedola Miami, Rabbi Ben-Tzion Korf.

The crowd was filled with camaraderie as Niggunim were sung and ideas and thoughts exchanged. The evening left the Shluchim rejuvenated and ready to continue on with their Shlichus in their respective Yeshivos.


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