Success at YAHAD Seminar for Russian Jewish Youth

Lots of energy and resources are invested in Russia’s young Jews who are the builders of future Jewish generations in Russia. Thousands of young men and women participate in the educational network in hundreds of cities throughout the vast country.

In order to bring about their spiritual advancement and to absorb the many religious and Chassidic studies that they have learned during the year, seminars are held for them in various cities in Europe, where they are accompanied by Rabbis and shluchim who utilize the special atmosphere to the maximum.

This week such a seminar was held in Italy with the Director of the Moscow Jewish Community Center in Marina Roscha, Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg. The highlight of this seminar was the Unity Shabbos at a special hotel that was koshered in advance in the Italian Alps. The davening, shabbos meals, and Torah and Chassidus classes carried a special atmosphere, and greetings from the organization’s founder, Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar were read to the excited participants.

Aliyas to the Torah were “sold” in exchange for practical good resolutions that the young people took upon themselves. Observing Shabbos, having a Bris Mila, and regularly laying Tefillin, were just some of them, and the results were pleasantly surprising.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Wilansky, Director of YAHAD, says that as a result of these seminars which were held until now, dozens of new Jewish homes were established, many went on to learn in Yeshivas, and their connection with their Rabbis and the hundreds of Shluchim throughout Russia has strengthened greatly, whether by joining minyanim at their local shul, or assisting in Jewish activities in their local communities.

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