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Two Arrested After Assault and Attempt to Flee from Police

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Efraim Setton and Levi Paul Huebner were arrested Wednesday morning after they beat up another Jew and attempted to flee from police.

The incident took place at around 8:15am in front of 836 Montgomery Street near the scene of a car accident, where Setton attacked another Jewish man, kicking him and knocking him to the ground and proceeded to pummel him, kicking him in the legs and face.

Tens of people rushed to the victim’s aid after he cried for help; EMS and Police heard the cries as well and rushed over. As officers approached, Setton fled into the building and hid inside his apartment, refusing to open his door to police.

EMTs took the victim into an ambulance and began treating him for his injuries to his head, face and legs. He was later transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

As the victim was being treated, a police officer spotted Setton leaving his apartment building and running into a waiting car. Once inside, the car reversed down Montgomery Street at a high rate of speed, prompting police to call for backup and chase the car, which they stopped near the intersection of Albany Avenue.

The driver was the lawyer Levi Paul Huebner who is Setton’s father-in-law. When police approached the vehicle, the occupants refused to open the doors and refused to comply with police orders. Finally police got the door open and immediately placed Hubener in handcuffs as he was screaming “I’m in COP, I’m in COP, I need a hospital.”

Police attempted to get Setton out of the car but he refused and resisted as well.

After inciting a massive scene with many onlookers, police managed to take them both into custody. Between the two of them they were charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest and Evading, as well as Obstruction of Governmental Administration among other charges.


  • 3. Always tried keeping away wrote:

    from the politics, but i was there and these people acted like total morons, they clearly dug themselves into this mess.

  • 4. Shyster and Huebner, LLC wrote:

    Did Setton steal his shver’s car for him? How does a shyster who has never won a single case even afford gas for that SUV?

  • 5. Chilul Hashem....but justice at last? wrote:

    I guess these two finally snapped. Can we have updates? Like are they held in jail? What happens to Huebner’s law license?

    Webby, keep us informed, this is BIG!!!

    PS How is their victim?

  • 8. Just Me wrote:

    what comes around goes around!
    Unfortunately PH is neck deep in shmutz against his fellow hood/chevra – so viewing him in handcuffs is totally cool!
    A broch indeed.

  • 9. finally wrote:

    once a crook always a crook, can we have high res pictures we need this framed in my living room

  • 10. pay back time, wrote:

    The Rebbe will make all of them pay!!
    nothing is free in this world.

  • 13. Justice For All wrote:

    This is wrong! You can’t put up such an article without warning the unsuspecting readers!

    I was drinking my morning coffee as I was reading this article and I started laughing so hard the coffee squirted out of my nose. Now I have coffee stains all over my shirt! I am trying hard to stop laughing but the grin is still stuck on my face.

    Has a pidyon shevuim fund been set up by Shmira? :)

  • 14. Poltrack,kakky tamir wrote:

    Where is the other lawyers liars ?
    Kakky tamir did not help his long time friend PAUL ?
    Eli Cohen did not get his soon to be his wife simmoneti to help PAUL?
    Maybe time has come to get rid of the goy , ganev, Jew hater PAUL .

  • 15. resident wrote:

    what does it have to do with the accident? there was a major accident at the same time please give details

  • 16. what? wrote:

    who smiles when being cuffed?? i guess he was thinking about the time when he ratted on the shomrim six!

  • 18. to #3 wrote:

    the answer to your question is – and as i know this as a therapy student – any criminal activity (being arrrested, etc) revokes by the state the professional liscence. sometimes for a while and sometimes indefinately. it really depends on a case. however, whats worse is im sure he will get less clients now that he was arrested. those two are pure idiots!!!!

  • 19. wow, did you see the line wrote:

    just passed by the printing store and there are lines out the door with people printing out these pics, i guess that is why he is smiling finally a little attention

  • 21. chnina sperlin wrote:

    gut yom tov gut yom tov to all ch residents and to klall yisroel i hope they lock him up and never let them out

  • 22. $$$$$ wrote:

    wow its bean 24 hours since he was locked up, i think we should start a lawsuit for a few million dollars for all the coffee he made spill on people shirts, i herd someone even needed to go to the hospital for getting burnt from the coffee when he saw these pics

  • 23. sale wrote:

    i just saw has an add for anyone looking to print out these pics for a discount price

  • 24. need? wrote:

    Does the victim need a translator? I know a good one.

    I’m sorry, did somebody say huebner got locked up? Ugh, thats just too bad.

  • 25. eli polterack wrote:

    the pictures are priceless i know i was waiting for this along time and so were so many who got screwed by the 2 ganavim gazlanim and mosrim its about time ch residents can now relax a little while i hope people feel bad for all the victims who lost lots of money from the pair of ganavim and dont start a campaign to try and help them they got what they deserve and i hope they end off sitting in jail for a very long time

  • 26. COP? wrote:

    “he [Huebner] was screaming “I’m in COP, I’m in COP, I need a hospital.”

    Whats COP?

  • 27. Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Throw Stones wrote:

    “What goes around comes around”

    Our Rabbis taught: A man should not remove stones from his ground on to public ground. A certain man was removing stones from his ground on to public ground when a pious man found him doing so and said to him, ‘Fool, why do you remove stones from ground which is not yours to ground which is yours?’ The man laughed at him. Some days later he had to sell his field, and when he was walking on that public ground he stumbled over those stones. He then said, ‘How well did that pious man say to me, “Why do you remove stones from ground which is not yours to ground which is yours?”‘
    (Baba Kamma 50b)

  • 28. rich guy wrote:

    One thing keeps me calm, and not to worried for satton, is that I heard recently that he made a large sum of money.
    Accually if I recall, currectly, he made it twice.

  • 29. wrote:

    I can’t imagine you have ever been prouder posting an article!

  • 31. A concerned woman wrote:

    Save our community! I wish the victim a refuah Shalaima! Wow upon CH no leadership only gangstas!! We need the Rebbe back now!

  • 32. Smile, Its Magic wrote:

    “19. what? wrote:
    who smiles when being cuffed?? i guess he was thinking about the time when he ratted on the shomrim six!”

    Huebner smiles because he either knows or thinks that his people (from the CHJCC) will do everything they can to get him out.

    Huebner either knows or thinks that the people at the CHJCC create a magical disappearing act, by making the reports and case vanish.

  • 33. Where is Henna White? wrote:

    Time to call the Mosser Henna White.
    She was successful in helping the CHJCC/Shmira push the Shomrim Six case to prosecution/trial. Now she can help the CHJCC/Shmira get their lawyer out of prosecution.

  • 34. CH RE. wrote:


  • 35. Victim wrote:

    I laughs at all the pun and I’m happy that the Mosser Huebner finally got locked up. I have a feeling that many feel the same.

    But what about the poor guy that got beaten up, is he OK?

  • 36. Great News For All Mossrim wrote:

    Wow this is great news for the Mosser Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat, now he will have some company in jail.

    Let’s hear what shuchat has to say about this great news.

  • 38. GANAV & MOSSER WROTE wrote:


  • 39. Phony wrote:

    What ever happened to Ahavas Yisroel?

    These are two Jews with families.

    Why you posting this? Do you want Moshiach to come?

    What would the Rebbe say?

    What did the “victim” do to deserve this beating, he must have done something?

    Ha ha ha, I’m just kidding, this is great news, may all the mossrim fall and fall hard!

  • 40. like father like son wrote:

    How can anyone with a conscience do something like this?!

  • 41. CH Cyclist wrote:

    “when your enemy falls do not rejoice, and when he stumbles let your heart not be glad, lest the Lord see and it will be displeasing to him, and He will divert his wrath from him [to you]— Shmuel HaKatan

    Not a fan in any way, but just sayin.

  • 42. Efraim Soton wrote:

    They are two Jews from the same family – the extended Gotti family of Crown Heights which includes Zakaki, Chanina, Poltergeist and the rest of the moisrim and ganovim.

    In the old days the beis din or rov ran this kind of garbage out of town.

  • 44. antimesira wrote:

    This is great news, it really is…BUT

    We have to remember that Huebner is only after all a Foot Soldier sent to do the dirty work for people like Chanina Sperlin, Yaakov Spritzer and Menachem Mendel Hendel, all of whom are associated one way or the other with the CHJCC.

    Nonetheless, this is a start.

    Now the Mosrims gang tactic will be to make as if they never had anything to do with Huebner and always wanted to get rid of him, they will make it as if he never existed. This tactic they use on all who either defect or repent and denounce them.

  • 45. Mixed Thoughts wrote:

    Its never nice seeing Jews getting arrested, but here I have trouble not feeling some sort of relief.

    These guys have a serious reputation in this community for some nasty stuff, they seem like they behave like gangsters, so I don’t really know what to think.

  • 46. DF wrote:

    Dear Fellow Jews

    When doing something stupid and when getting arrested for it please make sure to wear your hat and jacket.

    If you are wearing your hat and jacket when you get arrested you can claim you were arrested because the police officer was an anti-semite.

    Also it helps make a bigger Kiddush Hashem.

    So please dear Yidden… Always, always always wear your hat and jacket and don’t let it stop you from doing whatever it is you wanna do…

    After all – your a Jew and you live in Jewland – anyone else who has an issue with that is a “soinay yisroel”

    It’s so good to see proud Jews in this day and age!

  • 47. oy vey wrote:

    i wish all members involved a refuah sheleima. some physical and some psychological. moshiach now!

  • 48. Lev Tov wrote:

    “And my brothers, I do request”
    These that did and these that wrote,
    the Mukke and the Makke,
    the Rodeff and the Nirdaff,
    the Lets and the Melits,
    they are my brothers,
    my little brothers;
    I have to help them,
    to pray for them against all odds.

    Yevarechechah ve Yshmerechah, kipshuto.
    Yahafchu yamim (doss rufmen doch ‘teig’, R”L) elu le sasson u lesimchah.

  • 50. not in CH wrote:

    police used 2 sets of hadcuffs on one of them..some people have all the luck :)

  • 51. mitzi poltuk wrote:

    Heubner, Hashem finally put a stop to your illegal antics… fuya fuya fuya, your ways stunk, and did not reflect a chossid of the Rebbe. Your midos stink, you and your son need to be taught a lesson for bullying the eidel public and cheating them. The fact that you guys kicked and punched another Yid is beyond teshuva. I Hope you sit in prison during the Yomim Norayim where you will feel the anguish of your actions. For Shame For Shame.
    FUYA >>>>>>>>>>>

  • 52. Next trime try the courts wrote:

    How Can you beat up a Jew they should have taking him to bais din instead of starting a fight. Oh wait they probably didn’t know which Bais Din to take him too.

  • 53. your all hypocrites wrote:

    freedom and justice for all???

    For all those encouraging that these guys should go to prison,

    what happened to the mantra no Jews should be in prison, no matter what they do we should try and get them out …. and to bring a recent example SHOLOM RUBASHKIN.

    if your saying that these guys should go then Sholom should sit as well.

  • 54. sceard resident wrote:

    these 2 yimach shimamnikes were the same ones who beat a shliach of the rebbe about a half a year ago and nobody said or did anyting then when he hit our rebbe since sheliach adam kimoso i was in 770 then and tried to stop them but they threatend me as well so B”H they got what they deserved i think all those that were hit and were part of their stealing campaign should come together and sue the hell out of them

  • 55. Justice for all wrote:

    To 53:

    Nobody ever said Rubashkin shouldn’t sit. He did a crime he has to pay the crime.
    The only question we had was on the time that he got.
    Rubashkins time does not fit the crime.

    Why is it that some think thats our fellow Jews should be allowed to get away with crimes simply because they are Jewish?

    It’s time to get out of the sand box.

    And just BTW, Huebner had no problem locking up six innocent Jews with families for over 15 years. This is Huebners justice system. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • 56. sara satton wrote:

    to #53 shalom never did or would even think of hurting another yid these 2 shmucks all they do is hurt yidin they should rot in hell

  • 57. Justice Works. wrote:

    wow, Huebners and the Shmira justice system at work, this is great.

    Do you think that Shuchat will be in the same cell like Huebner and Setton?

  • 58. Innocent bystander wrote:

    These two hoodlems finally got what they deserve. I remember seeing about a half year ago around the Kinus Hashluchim time on Shabbos afternoon in 770 these two ‘reshoim’ hitting a Shliach of the Rebbe. Rabbi Menachem Matusof of Calgary was being bullied and hit by these two gangsters and they even ripped his Talis. Being the ‘aideler’ person he is Rabbi Matusof refused to press charges.
    It’s interesting how Hashem finds ways to punish reshoyim with what’s coming to them.

  • 59. sara satton wrote:

    i just went to Rabbi Bruan to try and get a get because it looks like i will be without a husband for a long long time

  • 60. Birds of a Feather..... wrote:

    Frankly, I dot not wish harm to befall any Jew– including the perps in this case. However, I think it is quite clear that this is the caliber of people comprising the Vaad– including all and whom they support and stand for.

    It is never just a coincidence that such gangsterism plagues just one of the group. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather- flock together.

  • 61. curiosity killed thecat wrote:

    just a curiosity question
    seems the police are there and eager and available to lock up 2 yidden but when its uh-pple from another race that leave 6 inch gashes on foreheads,the police dont show up,theyre not available,they dont even handcuff the perps-any insight to why this may be so/

  • 64. rabbi broun wrote:

    to #59 isn’t sara a goy i know pauls father is a goy but i hear that his mother might also be a goy can somebody find out and post

  • 65. paul the ganaf heubner yimach shimam wrote:

    to #59 his wife is just like him they are made for each other and to all those that have kids in beis rivka you should demand that they fire her as a teacher what kind of example are they setting in the school

  • 67. Denver BT wrote:

    Sholum M R, should def sit and he did/is, he did wrong (like a jerk) but the issue was the insane and harsh punishment.

    I feel terrible saying this about another frum / Jewish fellow but there isn’t one guy in the neighborhood that is not happy…they say: “he got his” or he “had it coming”.

    Obviously this guy has alot of enemies, personally I have no clue who he even was. I guess that is good too ;)

  • 69. to #65 wrote:

    i think its the same story with the Semicha, i think her father told her that she was Jewish, so there shouldn’t be a problem here.

  • 70. to 49 wrote:

    i think the second set was for his wife, to bad she was able to run off i don’t think it will be a long time till we see her stealing again from gumbos.
    in the meantime she is still on the loose anyone who sees her or knows her whereabouts is asked to call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS

  • 71. moshe veber wrote:

    to #61 yes thats him and he also stole from the ch matzoh bakery like 30.000.00 and many more warning to all people stay away from him and his family do not hire him as a worker for anything he’s a known ganif gazlin shakrin rasha mosar but he has a yechi yarmulka so its all good

  • 72. Hold our horses... wrote:

    Before you guys celebrate…they still have to be prosecuted and go to trail. Gangsters get arrested a lot, they don’t always get punished. Remember, they are COPS, they have a deep relationship with the upper police brass. You don’t think monkey business will go on from here?

  • 73. yisroel new wrote:

    when they walk in the street one should spit @ them their kids should be kicked out of school (not that it makes a different)anyone saw his boys lately they dont wear yarmulkas and r michalel shabbos i saw them come out of a car on montgomery and ny av. a couple of weeks ago shabbos afternoon but then again they are not yiddin so who cares

  • 74. to 67 wrote:

    if you are referring to rubashkin, than you are totally CLUELESS!!

  • 75. RASHA wrote:

    isnt it against the torah to hit another fellow jew?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    HUGE chilul hashem!!!!

  • 76. setton and hubener good shiduch wrote:

    bh motzo min es mino

    2 violent ppl and ganovim the wife (daugther) she for sure proud of both of them

    shame on all of you menuvalim beimos
    but at lees they are meshichit that the most importnatn

  • 77. whats his job wrote:

    i heard rumors that this guy stole from judaica world and the matza bakery is it true does anybody know about this?

  • 78. UPDATE : meschist wrote:

    can you please make sure to wright it clear that this 2 are meschist and they are making a lot of violence to help the besi moshiach and hendel imach shmoy

  • 79. wowowowowow wrote:

    it looks as though he realized his picture was being taken and smiled for the camera!!

  • 80. move to north miami beach wrote:

    were there are lots of criminals and he can fit right in

    you have molesters adulterers and rabbi marlow watches it all

  • 81. WAKE UP wrote:

    To #33… What exactly would the rebbe do?? ppl need to fix themselves and stop relying on the rebbe or whoever to fix things or themselves for them hello wake up people!!

  • 82. Dear ANYONE wrote:

    1. How is the victim?

    2. Are they still in jail?

    3. Will they get Maftir Yonah on Yom Kippur in 770?

    4. Where can I donate to the PROSECUTION?

    5. When can we expect updates?

    This is the best stuff I’ve read in ages! Thanks for these great pictures (who took them?)

  • 83. Love action wrote:

    Why not see images of the beating? It must have been interesting to see.

  • 84. a fellow shliach wrote:

    i hear he also goes around saying he’s a chazan for yamim naroim he went to a shliach in canada last year and made a fool of himself (as usual) and the shliach was so embarrassed that this is what he got, so to all shluchim and people looking for a chazan DO NOT take this fat horse ephrayim the ganif setton whos picture is in the beginning of this great article

  • 85. zaman schuchat wrote:

    does anybody have any idea how to get these 2 ganavim and gazlanim rashyim out of this shchuna please let us know

  • 86. Dear Webby wrote:

    Please pin this so we can keep getting laughs.It would be a pity to have it disappear because of new posts.

  • 87. Mishichst wrote:

    PLEASE MAKE AWARE THESE FOOLS ARE MISCHICHST!! This is entirely unacceptable and they are ruining our neighborhood. Is this what we want other jews to see when they come to CH? we need to raise the bar higher and set an example. ENOUGH ALREADY! Get all these criminals out of here!

  • 88. Finally! wrote:

    This is a wicked man who brutally held my 3 kids hostage and abused them for over 5 hours together with Yossi Stern in my forced absence! Today is a good day! Mazal Tov!!!

  • 89. to #66 wrote:

    they are all goim who even said that they are jewish
    1. do they even daven or
    2.put on teffilen
    they just steal and beat people up

  • 90. Levi Paul Huebner wrote:

    finily i am in jail my biggest wish ever but does my soninlaw think he is a police why does he have blue pant and black jacket like a clown and a ganof at night

  • 91. CH community member wrote:

    It says that God sees the truth and waits. I guess these two punks, Huebner and Setton, have finally gotten their due justice.

  • 92. To #54 wrote:

    what crime did rubashkin do that he should sit for????????he’s an innocent, nice yid who was chosen by anti-semites to be the object of their hatred to yidden. Do u really think that the only problem is that the time doesnt fit the crime? if u do, well you’ve never been more mistaken. his whole story was a set-up.and who are u referring by WE???????????????????? mister, get ur facts straight!

  • 93. Anonyomous wrote:

    All your comments are great and it is pity that Yidden would stoop so low to do what these ganavim have done! And though I have thoroughly enjoyed refreshing the comment section all day, this is true Loshon Harah and though its not as bad as what Setton and Huebner have done, it isnt right.

    P.S. Sad that I wasnt drinking coffee this morning or I could start the FB page “I laughed coffee out of my nose while reading this great article”.

  • 94. thank you wrote:

    the pics are great,

    now everyone can know exactly what efrayim the ganif setton looks like so no one will fall prey to his wicked munaplative sweet talk

  • 95. Remember Remember Don’t Forget! 1 wrote:

    The 14th was referring to October 14th, 2009, that day (“happened”) to have been the first day the Shomrim Six case was sent to trial. [Notice to appear on the 14th at 320 Jay street].

    Paul Huebner builds this case from beginning to end with help from the shmira and political pull from Chanina Sperlin.

    On December 29, 2007 approximately 8pm Members of Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer patrol responded to a routine call, upon arrival the members were attacked by a group of individual “yeshiva” students. Police were called, responded and disbursed the crowds.

    Upon hearing about what’s going on, a group of individuals belonging to an adversary group called Crown Heights

    Shmira Inc. (“shmira”), more specifically, Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager and Leib Skoblo, arrived at the scene after police restored calm. “shmira” has a long standing dispute with the Crown Heights Shomrim. Shmira has used tactics against Shomrim, ranging from false police complaints, and using any local influence to harass members of Shomrim, and waiting for every opportunity to cause harm to the volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim.

    Upon arrival “shmira”, Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager and Leib Skoblo,* called on the police to arrest the members of Crown Heights Shomrim. Police have ignored their cries, but have filled complaints. After the incident the “shmira” enrolled the help of their long time friend and member Paul Levi Huebner.

    * Leib Skoblo, who was at the time an auxiliary police officer at the 77th precinct, produced his badge to an official NYPD officer and pointed to Gadi Hershkop, a coordinator of the Shomrim Volunteer organization and stated, “arrest that guy”.



  • 97. R. Gould wrote:

    I cannot believe all this Loshon Hora, while I am not familiar with the persons being arrested and based on the comments it may be justified.
    Doesn’t ANYONE feel that all this Loshon Hora, even if it is true is still Loshon Hora, will only reflect poorly on the community as a whole. Yes, you may feel these two are rashim and deserve what they get to publicly blast them apart as has been done in the previous 93 comments brings a sadness to myself that so many need to learn Shimiras Haloshon.
    Please stop publicly decry the evils of anyone, as the saying goes if you have nothing nice to say , say nothing!

  • 98. Surname History wrote:

    The original Syrian name that became Setton is Sitehon; however a more common American variety of this creep’s surname is Sutton – same as the bank robber and pronounced Soton as in der samach-mem. The right way to pronounce Setton is actually see-tone, which is what my Syrian friends call the brand of pistachios (no relation to this jerk). In this case better to change both the pronunciation and the spelling to Soton.

    So, instead of Ephraim Setton samach-tet we have Ephraim Soton samech-mem.

  • 100. Does anyone know ? wrote:

    What is missing from this article is, what was the fight about ?
    And what , if any, was the connection to the motor vehicle accident that was taking place at that time ?
    Anyone know anything ?

  • 101. yankel spritzer wrote:

    to #94 you have a very good point im sure if the places he stole from would have known about this sattan pig they would not have hired him i hear he stole thousands upon thousand of dollars from local merchants we must put an end to these 2 pigs store owners should not let them in their stores you think your making money from him he gives you a dollar (witch is stolen)and you think you made a quick buck and he steals 100 dollars worth of stuff i was in kahns grocery and saw him just walk out without paying so so to all store owners and all people do yourself a favor stay far away from him

  • 104. Dear ignorant Brit wrote:

    oh, you have no idea!!!!

    In a nutshell…Setton is not exactly your average Chassid. He’s had a few employment problems because some things were allegedly missing by his employers at the time of his employment.

    Huebner is his father in law. He’s a loser lawyer who never won a case. Read posts 95 & 96, they are pretty accurate (I was in Court and saw for myself the perjury that went on which probably are only “inaccuracies.”)

    I don’t know which rock these two crawled out from under but sadly, they crawled here and stayed. Maybe you’ll take them! We’ll do a swap for two of your creeps.

  • 105. Haman wrote:

    To Denver BT and to 53, How can you compare Buruch Mordichai to Arur Haman ???? you both either have no idea who’s who or you’re under the influence.

  • 106. DISBARR THE MUTHA wrote:

    Webby, do an article on Bubba, Huebner’s cell mate, and how he introduces himself as Ben Dover. This is just too awesome!

  • 107. Diedo Dude wrote:

    wow what a sham. I pity the good folks of CH for having to endur this crap. Just know that there are many many awesome people here and we unfortunately hear about the few misfits more than a few times – they will get theirs!
    Carry on my friends, carry on!

  • 108. Unbelievable! wrote:

    I have to say I am quite disgusted not only with the acts of Setton and Huebner, but with these very comments. Remember, these two men are still Jews. We all come from the same source and it is never too late for them to do teshuvah. The way some people wrote about their fellow Jews sickens me. I hope that Setton and Huebner learn their lesson in jail, but I also hope that no further gossip and pure lashon hara is spoken about the matter.

  • 110. zaki tamir chjcc wrote:

    to #107 it writen in torah to remember what amalek and haman did to you the jewish paople please remember setton & heubner are the haman & amalek of our time this is not lashon harah im sure if you were screwed for thousand of dollars like so many of us you would say the same thing

  • 111. Shlomo wrote:

    It’s about time, He stole money and jewelry from his best friends.Sorry he has no best friends, everybody is an opportunity for him to con and steal from them, He’s it a Crook and a criminal and Rotten to the core,I hope the FBI opens up an investigation,And put him where he belongs in prison,Shlomo

  • 112. EQUAL wrote:


  • 114. I.N. Itials wrote:

    Let’s increase police surveillance.
    Helping investigations takes support in social arenas.
    Help on-duty,mentchlich Officers!

  • 115. Remember Remember Don’t Forget! 2 wrote:

    December 30, 2008: Waking up the next morning, Pual Huebner and Co. realize that they missed out on one very important target, Aron Hershkop ak.a. Leli. Just one problem, Aron Hershkop was not at 749 when the altercation broke out and nobody testified that he was and neither made a report about him the night before. Paul Huebner then just tries and fails to concoct another Mesira against Aron Hershkop. Click Here False Reports made against Aron Hershkop

    On January 3, 2008: Mr. Huebner contacted P.O. Brain Duffy. In the phone conversation Mr. Huebner notifies P.O. Brain Duffy that the complainants do not speak English and offered himself as the interpreter, Mr. Huebner then goes on to arrange a time and date when he can bring the complainants in for interviews. Mr. Huebner informs P.O. Brain Duffy that complainant Shneur Rotem will be leaving the country but will be over at Mr. Huebner’s home for Saturday “Shabbat” January 5, 2008 approx. 2:30pm, after prayers, and therefore invites P.O. Brain Duffy to his home (see Pg. 88 of Discovery). (On Saturday “Shabbat” it is customary to have a Shabbat meal after prayers in synagogue).

    On January 5, 2008: approx. 2:30pm P.O. Brain Duffy interviews complainant Mr. Shneur Rotem (who is Israeli and speaks Hebrew), through the full interpretation of Mr. Huebner (see Pg. 87 of Dis), at Mr. Huebner’s home 478 Malbone Street.

    On January 9, 2008: Mr. Huebner brings complainant Yaakov Shatz, Gabrial Brownstein, and Moshe Gurfunkle (all three are Hebrew speaking only*) to the 77pct. to have them interview with P.O. Brain Duffy through the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. (See pages 42, 57, 71 of Dis). Huebner does not tell the detective that he is also their attorney.

    *Latter in court, it’s discovered that they all can get by pretty good with the English that “they don’t know”.

    On January 22, 2008: approx. 1:00pm P.O. Brain Duffy visits Mr. Huebners home, to further the investigation, again P.O. Brain Duffy interviews the complainants with the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. Here P.O. Brain Duffy shows the complainants images of the defendants for identification. (See pages 51, 65, 81 of Dis).

    On January 22, 2008: Three weeks after the alleged incident, approx. 1:10pm under immense pressure from the “shmira”, Chanina Sperlin and their attorney Mr. Huebner. P.O. Brain Duffy had six volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim and one resident of Crown Heights arrested. Shneur Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalmy P, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm.

    On March 8, 2008 (Purim): Paul Huebner showed up to the synagogue for the first time ever for holiday services , where Mr. Gadi Hershkop has been praying for years since he was a kid. Paul Huebner was and is not a member of this congregation. Mr. Huebner came to this location looking for an altercation, which he did not get.

    On May 13, 2008, July 13, 2008 and November 2, 2008: Paul Huebner falsely and for no reason obtained an Order of Protection against defended Shnaur G. Hershkop this after weeks upon weeks that Mr. Huebner has followed around defended Shnaur Gadi Hershkop and continued following him, in an attempt to harass Mr. Hershkop and try to incriminate him. (See Order of Protection pages).

    On another occasion: At a public gathering, Mr. Huebner had one of the alleged “victims”, who had a restraining order against Shneur Gadi Hershkop, approach Mr. Hershkop, Mr. Huebner then proceeded to take some photos of this encounter. And with these photos Mr. Huebner tried, and thank G-d failed to further his agenda in having Mr. Hershkop arrested.

    On April 28, 2009: Mr. Huebner filled a civil lawsuit of a Hundred Forty Four Million dollars, against Crown Heights Shomrim, Shneur Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalmy P, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm. On behalf of the complainants which are now plaintiffs.


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