Rabbi Apologizes for Pope Meeting; Protests Summary Dismissal

Following the uproar over a meeting between a group of Jewish activists – including a Chabad Rabbi – and the pope, Rabbi Dovber Pinson has issued a ‘Letter of Explanation and Apology’ to the community. In response to his dismissal from Shlichus, Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch issued a letter calling the meeting ‘contrary to the instructions of the Rebbe,’ and referred his request for a Din Torah to his former employers – Merkos and Tzach.

In a letter dated Yud Gimmel Iyar, Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch issued a letter in response to a request for a Din Torah from Rabbi Pinson, who says that he was summarily removed from the list of Shluchim without any research into the matter.

Pinson was listed as an official Shliach on Chabad.org’s list of Shluchim up until a few hours after a short video surfaced on social media showing a meeting of a group of Jewish activists – himself included – with the pope in his office in the Vatican.

VRL’s letter reiterates the Rebbe’s strong words, calling it a meeting with the ’father of fathers of impurity,’ and that it is clearly against the instructions of the Rebbe, that it is the accessories of idol worship and that it caused a Chilul Hashem.

In reference to his request for a DIn Torah, VRL referred the matter back to the administrations of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch and Tzeirei Agudas Chabad – effectively rejecting his request.

The following is the text of a letter penned by Rabbi Pinson following the incident:

A Letter of Explanation and Apology

Dear friends and students, I feel the need to clarify the context left out from the video which is now having viral reception, unfortunately clouding the important mission I was there to accomplish.

In my very private audience with the pope, conducted in his private office (not in the church), we discussed the ideas of pure monotheism, hoping to increase the awareness of Oneness of G-d among all humankind as a true and only Source of all life, thus ensuring that there is no need to proselytize chas v’sholom to Jews. The conversation was fruitful and a tremendous kiddush Hashem. I had stipulated that there were to be no cameras and no press at all, and until the meeting ended, this was kept.

Leaving the private audience I came into the larger room and saw the group waiting there. Some of them were part of our official group, but a few of them were not supposed to be there, and had managed to “get in.”

The singing and music commenced spontaneously without my foreknowledge or consent. I found myself trapped between a duty to not make a chilul Hashem in the moment, and the spontaneous outburst of the group. Not wanting to offend created the wrongful impression that I was condoning this behavior. (You will notice in the video that I was able to stop the singing and music as soon as it was possible).

It is my deep regret that this video was released at all, (which was accidental) and that the visit was portrayed in such a way.

In truth, the actual meeting was a true kiddush shem shamayim, and will be a benefit for all Jews around the world with Hashem’s help, as it was intended to be.

With apologies for the misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

With blessings,

Rav Dovber Pinson


  • 1. dont judge wrote:

    true how can he be taken off without talking to him to find out what the story was

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      the Rebbe spoke very strongly abput this at farbrengen(more than once if I remember correctly). How could it enter his head to entertain even a thought to do this??? A person is not a shliach if he acts against the orders of the one who sent him

  • 3. Yanki wrote:

    My dear CH.info website! Please don’t post pics and videos of that avi avos hatumah! You can write the article etc. without us engaging with that john.

  • 4. Yankel wrote:

    I think the one who took the video and publicized should apologize. He just slaughtered a man alive. …

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      Your comment is worst than everything put together. You need to rethink and apologise

  • 7. DAVE wrote:

    bottom line is, the Rebbe said not to do something and he did, which other frum Jews do, but clearly Chabad doesn’t.

  • 8. Megalomania wrote:

    “In my very private audience with the pope, conducted in his private office (not in the church), we discussed the ideas of pure monotheism, hoping to increase the awareness of Oneness of G-d among all humankind as a true and only Source of all life, thus ensuring that there is no need to proselytize chas v’sholom to Jews. The conversation was fruitful and a tremendous kiddush Hashem.”

  • 9. Jim M. wrote:

    What bad can come from this effort to meet and get along? Moral people being with moral people, all believing in G_d.

  • 10. Josh wrote:

    He is not apoligizing, he still feels he did the right thing, he only regrets that it was publicized. Feh!!

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    just going there in order to meet ______________ is absolutely wrong

  • 13. Anonymous wrote:

    and to have such images on this site is also a chilul shem lubavitch

  • 14. Article doesn't reflect what it says in letter... wrote:

    Please Re-read the Letter from VRL, it does not “dismiss his request” what it says is that he should get in touch with Merkoz and they will guide him on what to do..

    • 15. Makes No Sense?! wrote:

      Did you read what you wrote?
      You are telling someone that is taking Merkoz to a Din Torah to Contact Merkoz and that they should tell you How, What, When, If, and where you can or should take them to a Din Torah? Really? did I forget to take my medication today, or did you miss the boat here?

  • 16. Moshe wrote:

    genug shoin, its pessach sheni today, he apologized, what more do you want, move on to next story!!!

  • 17. Yankel Todres wrote:


    He doesn’t admit to even the slightest bit of error in what he did.

    This was worse than playing with fire. We are speaking about the dignity of the Al-Mighty here! (And also flirting with Avoda Zara, about which we are admonished “Yaharaig V’al Yaavor”.) Instead of accepting his grievous error and being contrite, all he will say is that he actually caused a great Kiddush Hashem.

    Without the slightest bit of contrition, and with such serious matters at stake, only the Rabbonim can decide what to do with him now.

  • 20. Larry wrote:

    The Holy Rebbe said not to end of story . So by going he holds himself at a higher standard than the Holy Rebbe. When you become full of themselves that’s what happens you’re thinking machine goes in overdrive. People convinced himself that the Rebbe meant something else it was for someone else today is different Bottom line the boss said no is no

  • 21. Listening the Rebbe wrote:

    I am not judging if he is right or wrong.. but I do know.. that people complaining it isn’t what the Rebbe wanted.. should look at themselves AS WELL and see if they are doing what the Rebbe wants too?!!

  • 22. A man must pay for his mistakes wrote:

    If a chabad Rabbi met with Hitler would we still allow him to be on shlichis. The Vatican is responsible for the death of millions of Jews does it only take a hundred or so years to forgive this horrible place for the massacres they created over thousands of years. This is not only a busheh to lubavitch it is to the Jewry. When will we stop chasing after these pieces of garbadge for recognition and help and start looking to the Hashem and the rebbe for true guidance and help. Would you want your children to view this shliach as your mentor or mashpia? Would you show your children this video?

  • 23. be realistic wrote:

    When a shliach starts to rewrite the rules of his Rebbe – the one who created the whole concept of shlichus-
    the shliach should understand that it’s time for him to leave his shlichus.
    Reading the letter of explanation further proves that he
    does not grasp what he has done. What’s even more incredible is “er halt zich nuch by zaynige” !

    He is explaining that what he did was a GOOD thing?!

    Er farshteit in gantzen nisht vi vayt er hut farkrachin!!

  • 24. Crazy! Just crazy!! wrote:

    Very, very shvache answer..
    In the video, you seem him letting the whole song continue and clearly smiling and very much enjoying it, not looking just “forced” there or “meekly participating”.

    Where exactly do we see him stopping it as soon he can?! Does he possibly have another video?

    And it seems he’s keep on changing his nusach of apology, including rabbonim’s names who did not want them publicized, etc.. etc..

    Rav Herzog a”h went straight to mikva after meeting the pope soon after the War. What business does RP have to go to the pope, in our relatively normal times?! Cemeteries and a few minor things l’fi erech..!!
    We know that many times the rebbe did not want lubavitch involved (such as geirus for example), so if someone, arguably, has to go – let the others go (as in the video), who don’t have a rebbe who says explicitly not to.

    Apparently RP takes these klezmer guys with him other places, so what’s he hocking that he didn’t know who was meant to be there?! And In sefira?!

    Pirkei Avos clearly tells us that power etc blind people’s hashkofos – so don’t go into a minefield if you know the rebbe’s against it!!

    Not trying to hurt him in any way ch”v, but just accept the truth, step down and don’t be a shliach officially and bring embarrassment to the Meshaleiach. Shlucho shel odom k’moso, and you’re literally taking the rosho shel melech (as the rebbe expressed that a shliach takes him with) with all these meshugassen!!

    Continue the great shiurim and kiruv (great books, btw) etc, just not bshem our holy rebbe and his shluchim!!

    U’mseimim bTov, onyl good things from here on.

  • 25. Modeh v'ozev yerucham wrote:

    He has now written a full throated and unambiguous apology to all Shluchim. It should be posted. I’m very happy b”h!!

    • 26. Really? wrote:

      In it he still claims that he meant lshem shamayim, are you for real?

  • 27. Perplexed wrote:

    The ONLY way to fulfill the second of the 10 commandments is by arguing with idol worshippers.
    That is what Rabbi Manis said on a video publicized by this site. So why is rabbi Dovber wrong??

  • 28. Binyomin Akiva wrote:

    He clearly says he disagreed with the video, the music and dancing. Serious question what are we supposed to do in such a situation?

  • 30. best mashpia wrote:

    so finally chabad rabbanim agree on one issue..
    how about all the other issues facing crown heights and lubavitch today?
    I support 100% rav pinson, he did what any normal shaliach does with his bal haboss. He went with the bal haboss who paid his ticket to meet another guy…how could he refuse the $$ and shalichus

  • 31. Moishe pipek wrote:

    If the Beis din or a member of the Beis Din gave permission to meet even if preconditions very made the member of the Beis is as quilty as he is.What made the beis din think that he can get his terms is he a prime minister or something.What crisis required him to go to the Pope?.Become sheish hillul Hasem ain holkim kovod lrab.The Merkoz and tzah firing him is not a solution.The Merkoz must make sure that things like that should not happen again the Must appoint a Rabbinical Avisery board that shluhim must consult on controversial issues Kvod Hatorah demans that( This is saaid bremez)

  • 32. avi avos hatemuah wrote:

    is it wise to post on a public forum an english translation of “avi avos hateumah”? Did the rebbe use the english and say to publicise it where even goyim can see it? It could provoke very strong anti-semitism…

  • 33. shlaich in s.america wrote:

    Can he please distribute a spanish edition of his apology letter?
    i need it to distribute among all the intermarrying couples in my city, who are now gleefully running to the priest and reform rabbi, asking them to lead their chuppah ceremony. (in an office..)

  • 35. Apology wrote:

    Of course he will apologize to get his position back.
    He knows about political corectedness !
    The Rebbe is good for something.

  • 36. Apology wrote:

    Let’s all do whatever we please ,and then apologize?
    It may work!

  • 37. Shliach? wrote:

    He claims the serenade was a surprise.
    If he was a true chassid he could have excused himself and gone to the bathroom and fled the scene.Or leave and make a statement that he will not join the desecration.
    Going to the bathroom is the only productive thing to do in the Vatican.
    He could have made a magnificent serenade of his asher yatzar.

  • 38. Understand Theology wrote:

    A background in understanding how Christian, especially Catholic theology and while it is avoda zarah is key in why the Rebbe and other Gadolim like Moshe Feinstein were so opposed to meeting with the Pope. No, it has nothing to do with the Church’s anti-semitic history or anything else. Christianity believes in shituf with Yoshke. Catholicism adds even worse layers, where the Pope is part of this shituf. The Pope isn’t just a top clergy, he is part of their avoda zara. To Catholics, the Pope, like Yoshke is their pathway to Hashem.

    A Rabbi giving kavod to the Pope is giving legitimacy to the Pope as an international connection to Hashem from Jews. Whereas an inter-faith discussion, a Rabbi and Priest are equals. In this context, the Rabbi is seen as a subordinate to the Pope.

    Many times people are kicked off of shlichus for petty things or politics. This is not the case.

  • 39. to number 28 wrote:

    I cannot make out if you are joking or serious but if you are serious then I agree with you – there are Shluchim doing way worse things to Jews than Rabbi Pinson has done- just no one gets to see it.

  • 40. Anonymous wrote:

    The pope is a non-entity. A meaningless piece of avoda zara. Why go and meet this pope, this person who means nothing . It is giving him kovod to come and meet him. Who cares what this person thinks about the One Creator? That is the issue. They went to this person and gave him importance when he has none.

  • 41. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh, so have none of you ever done anything that the rebbe said not to? Do you have access to secular media in your home? Yes you do. I’m not saying what he did was right I’m just saying we are also guilty of not doing what the rebbe asks of us

  • 42. Chilul Rebbe wrote:

    What one does as a private person is not the same as what a shliach does.
    Whatever a shliach does represents the mishalayach.
    Slap to the Rebbe’s face.
    What a disgrace.

  • 43. Public apology wrote:

    Where is his apology on his own Facebook site?
    He is applauded as a hero online by his blind and ignorant followers.
    He apologizes to Chabad to get his job back ,but he is far from remorseful.
    Don’t buy the bs.

  • 44. EGO wrote:

    This is all about ego.
    The Rebbe has an opinion and so does “Harav Pinson”.Rabbi Dovber has an alternate view from the Rebbe.
    A heter oichet!
    Oich mir a daya zugger!
    Enlightening the masses.One falsehood at a time.

  • 45. EGO wrote:

    What an embarrassment to his own children.

    Dear Morah/Rebbe,
    “My Tatty went to the Pope!’

    Nachas tzettel 2017.

  • 46. Where is any mesiras nefesh for Judaism? wrote:

    One of the three things one is supposed to give up one’s life for!
    Basics in Judaism.

  • 47. Ch'er wrote:

    How disgusting how disrespectful to theRebbe to Chabad and every Follower of basic Yiddishkiet.

    Mr. Pinson.
    You should be ashamed of yourself. Go to the Ohel and ask forgiveness for you Oived Avodah Zorah berabim. How dare you call yourself a Rabbi within Chabad. I definitely don’t you deserve minimal a Mr. Your pathetic a true disgrace.

  • 48. I'd like to see an official statement wrote:

    I believe Pinson is only sorry because he didn’t expect the outcry. He is a disgrace to Chabad and should not be allowed at all again to use title of shliach.

    His slab is schinet can pay his salary as Pinson does whatever he says.

  • 49. To 39 wrote:

    Social media at home does not compare to. a shliach going to the Pope in the Vatican.
    Sorry to disappoint.

    Watch the clips and read what the Rebbe wrote.
    Have someone translate if you are unable to tead.

  • 50. Private office wrote:

    That “private meeting hall”was decked in crosses.
    He seemed quite comfortable just sitting there.

    You crucified the Rebbe and the whole Lubavitch.

    You should not ask for forgiveness.
    As a mentch ,you should resign.

  • 51. Shocking wrote:

    Rabbi Pinson is a very learned Rabbi who brings back many yidden, But clearly he has overstepped in a big way.

    He needs to stop blaming other, how can he say some other people ‘got in’ its a Vatican you dont just ‘get in.’

    This was planned and he must have seen it coming. he has dance too close to sun, calling himself a Rav not a Rabbi, and creating a cult of personality.

    He should be serving his community not taking free trips to placed he should be in.

    Say sorry, without blame or reservations; step down and then rebuild.

  • 52. Poof!Magic.Must be all that kabbala wrote:

    I see his facebook post on his page disappeared.
    Maybe the Pope burned it?

    On his post,he was NOT truly remorseful.
    He was remorseful that it was advertised and taped, but said it was a positive thing ,as he intended.
    He said it was a kiddush Hashem.

    Fear of G-d?Or fear of the camera?
    Figure this out before you preach your next sermon.

  • 53. Anonymous wrote:

    You sang this song during the Rebbe’s farbrengens!
    For the Christians this verse has significant connotations.
    I confirmed my hunch on a Christian website.
    In this verse G-d professes his love to “the savior”

    This is the genius evil inclination at work.It started as a private conference and turned into a “spontaneous choir ”

    You joined the church choir.Kol hakavod.
    You could have at least gone to the deep recesses of the chambers and found more instruments from out Hoky Templ
    Not to keep but to play next jig when you visit next. .

  • 54. Lubavitch style shluchim wrote:

    Maybe he should join with Shmuley Boteach, Velvel Butman, and other sacked shluchim, and they can make their own organization of independent ‘Lubavitch style’ shluchim that don’t follow the Rebbe.

    Lubavitch style – like ‘kosher style’ treife restaurants.

  • 55. Izzy S wrote:

    I have sat back listened and read for two days to the comments and feel deep pain.
    First and foremost I want to share I am not Lubavitch, I am a outsider, someone who admires everything about The Rebbi, his shluchim and its community.

    Reading the comments I wonder if these ppl are really chassidim? Where is the Ahavas Yisroel?
    Each and everyone of us stand before the Borei Olam on Yom Kippur and cry asking the Rebona shel Olam to forgive us, we are humans, from Odom Harishon, Hashem created a world where sin is part and parcel of our growth.. some sin in private and some in public, it’s part of our growth… to take a yid who mind you, wether you agree or disagree with, who has inspired and brought back hundreds to our father in heaven because of one moment…. well then you are all better then Moshe Rabbeinu.
    Do each one of you look in the mirror each day and say ” I am doing everything I can today to make the Rebbi proud?
    You took a yid who has done so much for klal and forget the kiruv, shiurim, and inspiriation he has done, but he has a wife and kids, would you want someone to do the same to you?
    Please realize we are in time of sefira, a time we should be sensitive to one another … think about the power of words… you may be upset and you may not agree but please be sensitive.
    Another point :
    Like every chassidus, there will always be a yeridas hadoras when it’s leader is no longer physically not around.
    When you look around CH today I think many wonder would there be a eiruv, modes of dress, machlokes if the Rebbi was physically here??
    It may hurt to hear but when a manhig of the Rebbis stature is not around to personally guide… it’s natural for people to do, rationalize, decide or question.
    The last point I’d like to make, and this is not excusing the Rabbi for meeting.. more of a observation.
    Many people saw a 50 second clip, and immediately jumped to conclusions. I beg of you there is always in life, another side to a story.
    We are Jews in golus, remember that, there are many things that happen behind the scenes that most of us are never privy to which allows us to practice our faith freely..
    perhaps the pope doesn’t play such a significant role in America but he wields significant power in Europe and Latin America..
    for many of you who aren’t aware it was the popes direct plea that freed Alan Gross from prison in Cuba..
    as such, we make not like it, but building a strong relationship with the Vatican has importance.
    I wonder why is it that all of you bashing Rabbi Pinson aren’t head over heels when Rabbi Lazar meets with the heads of the Orthodox Church ??
    It is no diff he knows that the church wields considerable power and in order for Jews to live freely he must have strong relationships.
    I am not condoning but rather bringing up something of value.
    Over the years many great admirers of the Rebbi including Rabbi Lord Jacubowitz have met the pope.. and yes the Rebbi was aware, I can assure you Lord Jacubowitz asked a Sheila..
    We won’t ever be privy to what really was discussed behind closed doors, but I can assure you that it wasn’t football talk.
    Rabbi Gluck has done more for klal then most of us combined, as founding member of Hatzolah, how many lives has he saved, how many businesses did he intervene on the highest levels of gov from tax leans, there out well over 60 cemeteries that were saved because of his direct intervention on the highest levels of powers.
    Why is it that Israel has a personal envoy to the Vatican, we may not like it or may not agree, but the Vatican wields allot of power around the globe and as such when there are life and death issues, having a listening ear where it counts goes a long way.
    As chassidim I am in awe of how you stand up for your Rebbi, halavei we should all have that character trait.
    But remember that more then anything and above anything the Rebbi constantly preached Ahavas Yisroel, it’s the DNA of Lubavitch ..
    I am not here to say wether it was right or wrong… I am sure he made a decision after discussing it … and that decision was based on things we may never be privy to.. but wether you agree or disagree don’t do to him what you would want others to do to you.

    • 56. FYI wrote:

      “I wonder why is it that all of you bashing Rabbi Pinson aren’t head over heels when Rabbi Lazar meets with the heads of the Orthodox Church ??”

      R. Lazar doesn’t sing inappropriate verses to him with guitars during sefirah.

      There are certain rules for such meetings which must be observed, and boundaries that must be respected.

  • 57. Amira Clar wrote:

    And how do you think Catholics and others will view Jews when they find out the reaction to this meeting? Do you think they will think well of Jews who call them such disgusting names? Do you think firing Pinson will help anti-Semitism? You racist draconian fossils will bring anti-Semitism to a new height. And then play the victim. Well done.

  • 58. Leadership wrote:

    Hope Merkos shows leadership and moral grounding.
    A politically correct apology doesn’t take away the desecration he caused.

    Maybe there is room for a kabbala center in Rome that would combat sexual abuse and discuss monotheism.
    Just putting it out there.

  • 59. Significant factor wrote:

    Again, as other comments above reflect, this is NOT (ch”v!) a smear campaign or anything of the sort to R’ Dovber, sheyichye. Aderabe, he should be matzloliach and continue spreadimg the maayanos of Chassidus, in his own way (as many do who are not offiical shluchim per se, in their places of work, or otherwise.. and as the rebbe always encouraged everyone, chosid and not, man and woman, etc etc).

    It’s about the Rebbe’s shluchim and what shlichus represents, ruchniyus’wise and at the world at large and in the worldview as well:
    If someone can consciously do something that he is aware can have bad reprecussions or wrongful citlrcumstances, and does it anyway — it is a dangerous precedent and “slippery slope” ch”v for other s to follow, namely, that echta v’ashuv is ok. THAT must be nipped in the bud and shown to.be non acceptable on any grounds. We’re in a state of scary yeridas hadoros right before Moshiach, abd who knows what will be next in the name or representing shlichus.

    (And as someone else wrote, he could’ce excused himself to go the restroom or similar).
    U’mseymim batov.

  • 60. Shiner says wrote:

    While the previous posters wrote that Pinson makes mistakes and needs to be forgiven. His boss isn’t the rebbe it’s Louis shiner. That’s the shame. Let him work for Louis. Shiner not Chabad. Also yy Jacobson works for shiner and he didn’t go. But he hasn’t condemned. Pinson’s behavior. Yy don’t be silent

  • 62. Anonymous wrote:

    to Amira Clar.. it is said “it takes one racist draconian fossil to recognise another.”
    and Issy s’ swill was printed twice.. gewaldik

  • 63. Truth can be painful wrote:

    Love how every time there is chilul Hashem or Lubavitch,there are people obsessing about lashon hara.
    Speaking truth is a must.
    People have to call a spade a spade.
    Molesters say the same thing.
    Don’t slander our names with smear campaigns…
    Sometimes even if it’s painful,truth must be spoken.

    • 64. Izzy s wrote:

      To truth can be painful,
      Are you on such a madreiga, that you are capable of giving mussar?? Who are you to throw someone to the curb?? Are you so perfect? Do you follow halacha to the tee? Have you ever made a mistake?
      My post was not about wether Rabbi Pinson was right or wrong, it was simply to state we all have a long way to go in life in our own lives.. we all make mistakes, taking a person who has done a lifetime of good and throwing him out because of one clip is insane… to all the ppl who want to destroy a man look at yourself please first..

      Second there are plenty of pictures and videos of Rabbi Lazar meeting with heads of church, he just had a sit down with the pope of the Orthodox Church… where is all your condemnation?????
      Or is it that he is such a powerful person in Chabad that it’s okay???
      There are many factors that play into it, before you destroy someone go ask a sheila , be in a position to speak, and only speak if you really know the truth.

  • 65. FYI wrote:

    “Over the years many great admirers of the Rebbi including Rabbi Lord Jacubowitz have met the pope.. and yes the Rebbi was aware, I can assure you Lord Jacubowitz asked a Sheila.”

    Lord Jakobovits zt”l actually differed strongly with the Rebbe at times. I don’t think he asked him his sheilah.

  • 66. Enlightenment wrote:

    He’s going to enlighten the papacy.
    What’s next,Dovber?

    Maybe he was following the known quotation “When in Rome,do as the Romans”.

  • 67. The Truth Speaks wrote:

    What this incident brought to the forefront and should awaken in many of us, is the following: After Gimmel Tammuz, unfortunately our (so called) leaders, Rabbonim , Educators and Shluchuim do whatever they please and yet want us to believe that they are doing the right thing. It’s time that we all realize that they are human and look for kovod, power, and prestige, even at the expense of violating halacha, and clear directives of the Rebbe. It’s not about Rabbi Pinson at this point, but it sends a message that we need to rely on the written, printed words of the Rebbe. And don’t allow them to mislead you with their quoting of halacha or the Rebbe. A GREAT shame was bestowed on Lubavitch, by none other then a Rabbi, Shliach, Author. By many (supposingly, a Mekubal), what a Joke !!!!

  • 70. where is the MECHOH wrote:

    many years ago with the story with satmar. The REBBE was very upset that non of their Rabbonim came out against it and apologised therefore we stopped eating their food
    why over here not one Rav saying anything from the CH community????????????????????

  • 71. maybe we just think about our selves wrote:

    we seem to be doing everything for our own benefits in CHABAD
    look at all the other Chasidic groups all building massive shuls Belz Satmar Gur Viznitz etc
    but 770 no one even bothers its time to build 770 bigger and bigger so fathers can Daven with thier children and LUbavitch can grow

  • 72. CR wrote:

    Aside from the issues pertaining to halacha and the Rebbe’s directives what gave the idea that it would be appropriate to arrange an impromptu serenade in the Vatican office complex? They were not visiting a back bench at 770, an “ungvarishe” tisch or a Shlomo meetup. Catholics have their own “mesorah” for conduct while on their premises and, judging by the dumbfounded look on the faces of Francis and his officials, this program was highly irregular.

    Just the bad manners on display alone are cause for grave concern!

  • 73. FYI wrote:

    If Pinson is such a big mekubal, why didn’t he use that to stop the fiasco?

    There are too many phony ‘kabbalists’ dreying zich arum.

  • 74. with the old breed wrote:

    sad. where are we coming from and where are we going….

  • 75. Yitzchok wrote:

    What Rabbi Pinson and many others dont realize or maybe dont realize to the full extent is how much damage this video can do and is doing already. This video which has gone viral and has spread like wildfire on social media is an incredible pesach peh to the koach haklipa. Missionaries and the like will unfortunately use this video showing clearly Orthodox frum Jews dancing around the pope to catch unsuspecting Jews in they’re devious clutches.

  • 76. Mistake? wrote:

    I no nothing so i take the word of those who read straight from what the Rebbe said re:this matter.
    What is astonishing is the complete attack and stomping on someone who may have made a huge mistake.Maybe in a din torah he will explain this fiasco?
    HOWEVER, it is sefira and the bigger picture is frigjtening to me.I realize the yetzer horo works hard at this time to make hate work….but where is the compassion????
    Why the hate???we are jews.I love the Rebbe and his word is definitely profound.No question but is there another way to handle this?Can it be done privately so we all don’t listen to the hatred ????sefira.why count when we are so willing to do the same the students did?Please.Please.I plead for all of us.

  • 77. psol wrote:

    “Catholicism adds even worse layers, where the Pope is part of this shituf. The Pope isn’t just a top clergy, he is part of their avoda zara. To Catholics, the Pope, like Yoshke is their pathway to Hashem.”

    This is abject nonsense, The only people who do this sort of thing are Lubavitch.

    כל הפוסל במומו פוסל

  • 78. Shmiras halashon wrote:

    Don’t use Sefira/ahavas yisroel to silence the truth.
    Truth must be spoken.
    He desecrated the name of Lubavitch.
    Stop your snaggy gibberish.

  • 79. Second Chance..... wrote:

    To me it seems like a knee jerk reaction from Merkos. Rabbi Pinson should have better been put in temporary suspension until it can be decided how to move on in a way which is positive to all.

  • 80. Joseph wrote:

    This pope is a decent human being who is trying to use his office to do good in the world; he should be considered a righteous gentile. Worse mistakes have been made than being willing to meet with him on what should have been a private occasion.

  • 82. Thinking chair wrote:

    Positive to all would be to have him removed from shlichus.
    He has enough of a following.
    Who knows what he’ll do next.
    He can branch out to Rome too.
    Please keep him in time out.

  • 83. Thinking chair wrote:

    While we are on topic.
    There are shluchim who are not giving their wives a get.
    This is despicable!
    The plight of these women are not displayed with flutes and dance ,so people are no aware

  • 84. Shluchim represent their boss wrote:

    While we are on topic.

    Currently,there are shluchim who are not giving their wives a get.
    This is beyond despicable.

    The plight of these women are not displayed in public with song and dance ,so people are not aware how grave the situation is.Their cries go unheard.Their voices echo into the deafening silence.

    These men should be ousted.
    Get refusal is abuse.Period.

    There should be public condemnation for holding a woman hostage for years.
    They preach Rebbe,give lectures online (on marriage too)and are not embarrassed of their shameful and abhorrent behavior.

    Add them to the list to be removed.

    The Rebbe would not allow his shluchos to be humiliated and shamed by their spouse.

    Anyone who does nothing to help these women receive their get are accomplices in crime.
    If you stand by and do nothing, you are no longer innocent.

    And if it is your family member that is refusing the get,stand up for truth and justice and support the victim,NOT the abuser.

    End get refusal.
    Take a stand.

  • 85. Sad Chosid wrote:

    Why is everyone going crazy about this when there are shluchim and shluchos who violate the Rebbe’s directives and Halacha every single day. They are still allowed to be considered Shluchim and Shluchos? Why doesn’t Merkos summarly dismiss shluchim and shluchos who cause a daily Chillul Hashem by touching their beards, walking around with tichels half off their heads, short sleeves, uncovered legs, skirts above the knee, elbows and more than collar bones showing and that IS ok???? Rabbi Pinson made a very big mistake and caused a one time Chillul Hashem, these people cause a terrible Chillul Hashem every single day!!! It’s time that Merkos wake up and do something right for once.

    • 86. Correct wrote:

      Don’t forget the ones going to secular court every other day, very often against other shluchim, R’L!

  • 87. I feel sorry for him wrote:

    He made a big mistake. There is only one way to clear his name with Merkoz – Change your name to Cunin or Shem Tov. Once you do that all is permissible. Too bad for the Pinsons they don’t have protectzia like the bigger names. He missed the cut-off by only a few points. But its not too late. Change your name and all is forgiven.

  • 88. Iyyun wrote:

    Rabbi pinson never uses the name Chabad and refers to himself as Rav not Rabbi.

    He is his own kosher Kabbalah center model so he doesn’t have to take off a brand he already dropped.

    I think it’s a win Win!

  • 89. No wrote:

    Do not entertain the father of corruption under any circumstances… I don’t understand why he thought such as meeting was a good idea…

  • 90. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    wow one story and all the crazies come out with there dumb remarks .
    mind yr owen bizz and go out and do something
    right for a change

  • 91. Ozer Dallim wrote:

    Pinson and the Gluck’s had good intentions, but messed up their visits by gulping the kool aid of Lou Scheiner. They got a private jet, they got fed well and a great hotel. Along with that comes Lou Scheiner his calling card song and a sefira playing band and of course from the guy who brought you Rosh Hashonah davening videos of his Uman Rosh Hashonah musaf party. Most of us observant Jews were in our Bais Hakaneses and Bais Hamedrash with our sons and keheilos at our side, Lou and his merry band were being captured on video on Rosh Hashonah. Its no surprise that somebody that performed the Rosh Hashonah sacered davening into a publicity stunt pulled off another world wide disgrace for his satiated desire for attention and fun at all costs.


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