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Erev Shabbos Accident Injures Five

Two cars collided in a busy Eastern Parkway intersection just before Shabbos. The crash injured five.

The collision occurred at 3:00pm in the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue. The driver of a minivan attempted to make a left turn from the parkway onto Albany when it was struck by a white sedan that was travelling down the parkway in the opposite direction.

The collision injured a total of five, three from the minivan which was carrying six passengers that were returning from mivtzoim, and two from the sedan.

It is unclear who had the right of way.

Hatzalah and EMS transported the injured to Kings County Hospital.

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  • 1. ריווקאַ wrote:

    the minivan crossing the parkway and turning left should have yielded to the vehicle traveling down eastern parkway if the description of the traffic pattern is correct as reported in this article…………… do not cut across a traffic pattern unless you have room to clear traffic as the woman who attempted to cross the tracks in westchester and got slammed bt metro north train

  • 2. רפואה שלימה wrote:

    I hope everyone was okay
    Especially the bachorim
    When doing a mitzva u
    Never can get hurt

  • 3. ck out light system wrote:

    there are close to 4 accidents a week on this corner someone needs to check out the light system. turning system .something is definitely wrong

  • 8. left turning lights wrote:

    All intersections should have lights for turning left.
    #2 Shomer Psayim Hashem.

  • 9. To #1 wrote:

    There is a left turn signal on the light

    So the white sedan could just as equally have been at fault….


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