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Are you looking for a chassidishe, warm and educational environment for your daughter next year?


Beis Rivkah Preschool has limited available slots for children born in 2010 – 2011.


Free Tuition for income eligible families.


For more information and to register please call (718) 735-0770 ext 1160

Chabad Distributes iPads to Wounded Soldiers

Today, volunteers for the Chabad Terror Victims Project distributed iPads to wounded IDF soldiers, who were very grateful and appreciative to receive them. They will enable the soldiers to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as use other programs to help them through what in some cases is going to be long and painful hospitalizations and rehabilitation.

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Adults Follow in the Footsteps of Their Kids, Experiencing Israel Firsthand

While some summer programs in Israel are on hold during the Gaza conflict, others are going full-speed-ahead, with staff continuing to craft plans and itineraries for the fall, making sure that future experiences match successful ones of the past.

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